2017 Best Mother in Suwanee Contest Winners

2017 Winners

Each year when we do our annual Mother’s Day contest it is so hard to narrow it down to just three deserving winners. We receive so many heartfelt submissions and know that every mom deserves to be honored and recognized. But, after rounds of deliberation, we would like to congratulate our 2017 Best Mothers in Suwanee: Ashley Pepitone, Matty Castro and Jan Welch.

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Photo By: Janet Howard

1st place:  Ashley Pepitone

Submitted by husband, Joseph Pepitone:

What is the best mother in the Suwanee area like? Well I can tell you, because she got stuck with me. Hey, I think I am a great Dad, but I am in absolute awe of this woman that I get to call my wife, and that our kids get to call Mommy. She is an attorney, a family attorney, to be exact. She is such a resilient, intelligent, and compassionate person… oh and she is as beautiful on the outside as she is wonderful in her heart. Easy for me to say, I am in love with her, right? Well other moms agree, because they told me in their own words, “Joe, your wife is the total package.”

She is so strong, and smart – she put herself through law school. I love that my daughter looks up to her and can see that she can be whatever she wants and make it happen just like mommy did. Ashley also is a bit of an artist. She is so talented in so many media: she paints in watercolor, and people buy those online, she has done design work for the likes of Pottery Barn on their blog and worked with La Crema, the wine company, too. Oh, and by the way, she does law work that involves kids adoption, custody, etc. She is like a superhero: lawyer by day and mommy, blogger, designer, artist and wife by night. And I can attest, she does all of it well. Nothing goes by the wayside. It’s amazing, and THAT is why I think there is no way that she isn’t the best mom in the area. She has got to be. Don’t tell her though, she will never believe how awesome she is, and that is why I am speaking up!


Hair by Olga & makeup by Chloe Luna at Salon Greco

Matty Castro

Submitted by daughter-in-law, Daniella Castro:

This is my beautiful and amazing Mother-in-Law. Her name is Matty and she is 86 years old! She is an incredible human being that has helped so many people (including me) be a better person. Her life is her family- she deserves to be the best mom in Suwanee because she dedicates her life to all of those who surround her. Her wisdom, her passion for helping others and her dedication to her family is incredible. She has a heart of gold and I am proud to call her my mother-in-law. I have been blessed with her and I thank God for putting her in my path.



Hair by Cathie & makeup by Chloe Luna at Salon Greco

Jan Welch

Submitted by son, Matt Welch:

My mom is the best because she always gives to others without ever worrying about herself. My dad has been sick for the last year and she has been the caretaker all while working a full time job. She is one of the most selfless people I know. Her family is her world and we love her very much!



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