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Healthy Organization

It’s a new year and perhaps a good starting point to make some positive changes in your life. Order is important to healthy living. It helps you to feel calm and in control, especially in a time of crisis. How many times have you been walking out the door at the last minute to an

Tips for Eating Healthy in 2013

BY: Sara Kleinfeld You know you need to change how your body looks and feels, and more importantly, you know you need to improve your health so you don’t have health issues down the road. You have decided 2013 will be the year you will take control of your health and changing what you eat

Hey Suwanee! Is your Relationship in Shape for 2013?

The beginning of a new year is a great time for Suwanee couples to reflect on where they have been and look forward to where they want to be. Many people evaluate their health, finances, and lifestyle habits, but few evaluate and set goals in their relationship. As a couple, the quality of your relationship

City Buzz

Caboose Lighting Santa ushered in the holiday season with music, hot chocolate, and wish lists on Nov. 30 at Suwanee’s annual Caboose Lighting and Holiday Festival. Choral groups from Level Creek, Riverside, Roberts, and Suwanee elementary schools welcomed Santa with performances of holiday carols as Santa arrived aboard his tractor-pulled sleigh. Santa greeted and listened

What Exactly is Craft Beer?

BY: Curtis Stockwell You might be asking yourself, what exactly is craft beer? In order for a beer/brewery to be considered “craft” it needs to meet three requirements. The first being it must be small and produce no more than 6 million barrels of beer annually. Second, it must be independent and have no

Q & A with Vickie Johnson

Art has emerged as an important focus of the city of Suwanee that has enriched the lives of its residents, and many key figures, local artists and residents have played a major role contributing to the community’s growing awareness and appreciation of art. One of those people is Vickie Johnson, local artist, teacher, and co-founder

Is this a Good Time to Invest in the Stock Market?

[dropcap]A:[/dropcap] There are strong arguments for a rally in the stock market. For example, there is nearly two trillion of cash sitting in corporate checkbooks, and banks have nearly 1.5 trillion in cash over and above their reserve requirements. If those two mountains of money move into the economy it could spark a very healthy

How to Grow a Healthy Business Network

BY: CJ Chun Atlanta Insurance Consulting Reid Hoffman stated that the secret to successful business networking is with every professional you meet – you seek first to help, then to receive. He went on to become perhaps the most beloved and powerful networker in the west and perhaps the world. It is with this

Suwanee’s Fall 2012 Plein Air Event Winners

All artwork can be viewed at Suwanee City Hall during operational hours, and all artwork is for sale.  Art makes a great holiday gift! The winners of the event are as follows: First Place Kathy Meenach “Once Upon a Time”             Second Place Carol Van Dyke “October Scarecrow”    

2012 Suwanee Holiday Shopping Guide

In the next few weeks many of us will head out to stores and shopping malls to find that special something for friends and loved ones on our gift list. Suwanee has a wide selection of shops, stores, salons and more that offers holiday shopping close to home. So why fight the crowds, jockey for

The Ultimate Suwanee Christmas Tree

With a warm fireplace ablaze, holiday carols ringing in the background, the delicious aroma of hot cinnamon and apple cider bubbling in a pot on the stove, and an evergreen tree standing in the front window, families and friends around the community will gather in their homes in the next few weeks to take part

Patton’s Meat Market: Unrivaled Quality

Patton’s Meat Market brings quality to holiday & year round cooking During the holidays everyone can get so busy shopping, attending parties, decorating, tree trimming, attending holiday pageants and programs, all in addition to their everyday activities along with work and school. We often forget it is also an important time of the year to

Suwanee Get Fit Challenge Update

The pressure is on as the end of the competition looms. The final weigh-in is scheduled for December 15. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight lost will be the grand prize winner. There will also be a prize awarded to the person that earned the highest number of points during the competition. Points

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