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Bring On The Winter Beers

By: Michael Lundmark Owner, Jekyll Brewing Brews hitting the shelves and taps around this time of year include stouts, barleywines, and winter warmers. Cold-weather styles also mean higher alcohol by volume (ABV), so sip with care… ➼ Stouts are jet black, roasty, malty, and usually have a pronounced roasted character. You would not be alone

thanksgiving wine pairing tips

Thanksgiving Wines

By: Karl Furem, Wine Manager Beverage Superstore Suwanee Thanksgiving is almost here. Time for family and friends to gather, watch football, drink and of course eat! But now comes the question: what wines to serve with the feast? My family has made me responsible for selecting our Thanksgiving wine for the last 15 years or so.

What’s Brewing: Fall Beers Are In

By: Michael Lundmark- Owner, Jekyll Brewing As we retire from our light, crisp summertime brews, we welcome a new crop of styles for the upcoming season. Fall is that time of year when we invite a fresh lineup of beer styles to the table. From spicy pumpkin styles, to bready and sweet Oktoberfest beers to

The Grapevine: Everyday Wines

By: Claire Addision- Wine & Beer manager Beverage Superstore, Grayson Most of us have busy schedules in the fall. Kids are back in school, the vacation time is over and it’s back to the grind. With all the stress of settling back into a fall schedule of late meetings and soccer practice, we need a

Fresh & Easy

Fresh ‘n Fit: “Heat and Eat” Ready-made Gourmet Meals By: Natalie Stubbs Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine offers the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of being able to consume a healthy diet. With “heat and eat” ready-made meals, Fresh n’ Fit President, Elton Collins loves being able to help his customers lead a healthy lifestyle. He shared

Farm to Fork at Sidney’s at Lanier Island’s Resort

Sidney’s at Lanier Island’s Resort From Georgia farms to Lanier Island forks By: Rachel Pillow The farm-to-table concept – or “farm-to-fork” as Chef Michael Klein and Chef Richard Sykes of Sidney’s at Lanier Islands like to call it – has become so trendy in recent years that it is almost a cliché in the restaurant industry.

Suwanee Park Tavern

Nestled in the heart of Suwanee Town Center Park, the owners of Suwanee Park Tavern have brought a little piece of the city to our doorstep. Walking into Suwanee Park Tavern you immediately notice the modern feel with a twist of classic elegance. The stained concrete floors mix nicely with the dark wood and white

The Grape Vine Summer Sippers

BY: Warren Dennis, WINE EXPERT- MEGA PACKAGE The long, hot days of summer in Suwanee call for plenty of cool, refreshing vino! Luckily, the different options are as abundant as all the seasonal foods we love to have with them. Whether it’s seafood, chicken, steaks, ribs, or fresh veggies, it’s likely coming off your backyard

Summer Brews- Georgia Craft Edition

BY: Michael Lundmark- OWNER, JEKYLL BREWING You could say that summer is the South’s time to shine- and it’s not because of the sun’s relentless heat! In the craft beer world, several refreshing, light-bodied brew styles such as Blonde/Golden, Kolsch-style, Wheat and even Amber emerge at this time to coincide with these warmer temperatures. As

Your Pie Suwanee

Craft Pizza! Your Pie Suwanee offers customers the opportunity to build their own custom pizza… BY Aoife Healy Think back to the good ol’ days in a small town where the place to be was always the local pizzeria – think Mystic Pizza- circa 1988. Kids would hang out after school, families would head over

2015 Beer Fest Home Brew Contest

The Home Brew Contest, sponsored by Brew Depot, saw 100 home brewers enter over 250 different styles of beer into the heated competition. Judging took place prior to Suwanee Beer Fest with the finalists of each category making their way into the “Best in Show” heat at the event. Congratulations to Bill Gillespie who ran

How Beer Single-Handedly Saved the State of Georgia

BY: Michael Lundmark The story of beer in Georgia is almost as old as the state itself. with the explosion of craft breweries across the United States and right here at home, beer has taken a new place in the spotlight. Craft beer drinkers now enjoy a vast selection brewed right in their own neighborhoods.

“Hop Dang Diggity” Crowned Georgia’s Best Beer!

Congratulations Jekyll Brewing: winner of the inaugural Brew Battle powered by DraftServ Technologies! Hop Dang Diggity quickly took the lead and stayed there almost all day, as thousands of beer lovers poured their favorite Georgia brew. Terrapin’s peanut butter chocolate porter, Liquid Bliss, rose to the top of the Leaderboard for a few minutes, but Jekyll’s powerhouse of an IPA came out strong in

The Grapevine

Spring Wines are in Bloom… BY: Claire Addison Spring is finally here! The winter chill has receded and we are now relishing the warmer weather and the sun shining on our faces. But, weather isn’t the only thing that changes throughout the seasons. We choose our foods, the clothes we wear, and our drinks of

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