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What is gluten and how could it be affecting you?

What is gluten and how could it be affecting you?

BY: Kelly Hall, Wellness Resources Inc. Did you know: more than 55 diseases have been linked to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye and barley? It is estimated that one in seven adults suffers health issues related to food sensitivities or has some form of gluten intolerance. Gluten and gliadin are proteins found in

A Network of Hope

BY: Tana Suggs Going through a difficult situation, no matter what the plight, can leave one feeling helpless and lonely, especially when it comes to one’s health. But when there’s someone to talk with, such as a survivor, who has already faced the illness head on and knows some of the things a patient is going through, it can

Mother’s Day Contest Winners’ Makeovers

Suwanee Magazine’s Mother’s Day contest winners were treated to a day of pampering with a makeover from Salon Greco, the European Day Spa, located in Suwanee. The contest winners were selected from a number of essays written by family members explaining why their mother is “the best mother in Suwanee.” After reading all the entries, Suwanee Magazine staff

Summer Hair Trends from Image Makers Salon

Now that the long, hot, sultry days of summer have arrived, along with the season comes the hottest trends in fun and carefree hairstyles. From new and fun coloring techniques to long, sexy waves blowing in the summer breeze, there’s a trend to fit everyone’s unique style. To find the biggest trends in hair for

Tell Us Why Your Mother is The Best Mother in Suwanee

Tell Us Why Your Mother is The Best Mother in Suwanee Submit a 100-200 word essay and tell us why your mother, daughter, sister, wife, grandmother, friend is the best mother in Suwanee! Please include your email address, phone number and city where the mother resides. To be eligible, mothers do not necessarily have to

Springtime Decor From your friends at Parson’s Gifts

While the two famous groundhogs, Punxsutawney Phil and Gen. Beauregard Lee may be divided on when spring will arrive, one thing is certain…before long temperatures will rise, the trees will bud and blossom and cars will be coated with thick yellow pollen. Welcome to spring in Georgia! At Suwanee Magazine we want area residents to

Fighting Your Seasonal Allergies

Springtime means budding trees and plants, but for the millions who suffer from allergies, it can also mean sneezing, wheezing, and itchy, watery eyes. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, which many people call “hay fever,” affects nearly 20 percent of Americans and is caused by outdoor allergens that typically trigger symptoms in the spring and fall. Airborne

Salon Greco Get Fit Makeover

Erika’s Makeover To create a modern look for Erika we started with highlights at the crown using a medium ash/ brown tone. The chunky crown highlights accentuate the length of her face and add shine as well as dimension. Her cut was left long with square layers so she has the versatility of wearing it

2012 Suwanee Get Fit Challenge: The Results

As 2012 came to an end, so did the Get Fit Suwanee Challenge. The Grand Prize winner, with the highest percentage of weight lost goes to… Michelle McShane! Congratulations Michelle! Erika Beckwith won the points challenge, with points being earned for documented workouts, blogging, group workouts, 5K’s and more. Both winners will enjoy prizes including

Healthy Organization

It’s a new year and perhaps a good starting point to make some positive changes in your life. Order is important to healthy living. It helps you to feel calm and in control, especially in a time of crisis. How many times have you been walking out the door at the last minute to an

Tips for Eating Healthy in 2013

BY: Sara Kleinfeld You know you need to change how your body looks and feels, and more importantly, you know you need to improve your health so you don’t have health issues down the road. You have decided 2013 will be the year you will take control of your health and changing what you eat

Hey Suwanee! Is your Relationship in Shape for 2013?

The beginning of a new year is a great time for Suwanee couples to reflect on where they have been and look forward to where they want to be. Many people evaluate their health, finances, and lifestyle habits, but few evaluate and set goals in their relationship. As a couple, the quality of your relationship

The Ultimate Suwanee Christmas Tree

With a warm fireplace ablaze, holiday carols ringing in the background, the delicious aroma of hot cinnamon and apple cider bubbling in a pot on the stove, and an evergreen tree standing in the front window, families and friends around the community will gather in their homes in the next few weeks to take part

Suwanee Get Fit Challenge Update

The pressure is on as the end of the competition looms. The final weigh-in is scheduled for December 15. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight lost will be the grand prize winner. There will also be a prize awarded to the person that earned the highest number of points during the competition. Points

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