Congratulations to Denise Brinson, the Pig Kisser!

Kiss a pig contest winner

It was a close call between our Editor-in-Chief, Angela Veugeler and Denise Brinson, Assistant City Manager at the City of Suwanee in their quest, along with seven other local community leaders, to raise the most funds in Annandale Village’s “Kiss-A-Pig” contest. But, in the end, Denise won and got to smooch the pig! At the heart of this fun and quirky fundraiser is an amazing cause and we are proud to announce that over $27,000 was raised in the process. Annandale Village is an award-winning nonprofit organization in Suwanee that is dedicated to providing progressive life assistance to adults with traumatic brain injuries or developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. The funds raised from the Kiss-A-Pig competition directly help Annandale’s residents, affectionately called Villagers, to be cared for in an environment designed to help them maintain independence and maximize their abilities. THANK YOU to everyone for your contributions and support and great job to all the candidates!Kiss A Pig Contest Winner


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