You Choose it, They’ll Go-Grill It!

A fresh and healthy new restaurant concept at Suwanee Jubilee Shopping Center features health-conscious fare served in a fun, creative way.

By: Michelle Fasig | Photos by: Karl Lamb & Walt Wooden

The Suwanee Jubliee Shopping Center, home to The Fresh Market, recently welcomed Georgia’s first Go-Grill location, one of just three locations in the United States. This fresh and healthy new restaurant concept features health-conscious fare served in a fun, creative way. When Go-Grill owners, Kathrik Kanakoraj, Vijay Chinnadurai and Babu Bakthavatsalu began researching the restaurant industry, they noticed an unfulfilled market in the Suwanee community. While Suwanee has taverns, sushi bars and Mexican cantinas in abundance, there did not seem to be a single restaurant that specialized in healthy dining. Go-Grill aims to fill that void.

Go-Grill opened their doors on June 21st and proudly introduced the new fast-casual concept to the anxiously awaiting Suwanee community. Specializing in freshly prepared, healthy food, Go-Grill is a Mongolian style restaurant that invites its patrons to get as creative as they want with their own meal. With three bowl sizes to choose from, ranging from small to large, customers can fill their bowls with any ingredients they like from the back bar. Delectable choices like shrimp, pork, tilapia, fresh jalapenos, mushrooms, bean sprouts and pineapple line the wall. Customers can simply pick and choose anything they crave, to create a meal to suit their taste buds; perfect for foodies and picky eaters alike.

Once customers have filled their bowls with their combination of choice, they are presented with numerous sauce options like Sesame Bang Bang, Thai Red Curry, and Firecracker. Go-Grill even has gluten-free options like the Mongolian Sauce and Butter Chicken Sauce. The open concept kitchen provides direct access to the chef who is more than willing to provide suggestions if you are unfamiliar with the ingredients and options.

Customers enjoy their Go Grill bowl from the Go Grill in Suwanee, Georgia

Fresh ingredients are grilled to order for each custom bowl. Randall and Robert enjoy their customized dish for lunch.

Once a sauce is chosen, you can add an egg, choose a complimentary side like brown rice or noodles, and then watch while your meal is steam cooked directly on the grill. For the less adventurous eaters, Go-Grill also provides a menu with Chef Selections, such as the Sweet Chili Shrimp: peeled shrimp, red and green peppers, green beans, and spicy orange sauce, or Spicy Pork and Bok Choy: spicy boneless pork, bok choy, red and green peppers, carrots, onions and fire cracker sauce. Favorites like grilled Fire Cracker Chicken, or Bang Bang Shrimp are a popular way to begin a meal, and there are even kid options like Mac ‘n Cheese and Orange Chicken.

Go-Grill prides itself on using fresh, healthy ingredients that are low sodium and preservative-free. “We believe living healthy starts by eating healthy,” explains Chinnadurai. “We want to make healthy eating pleasurable and fun at the same time.” With vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kids options as well as their standard fare, Go-Grill truly has something for everyone. And, it is that fresh, healthy flavor, and fun process that has already made Go-Grill a popular location with the Suwanee community.Go Grill bowl from the Suwanee Go Grill location

While Go-Grill is a go-to spot for healthy conscious locals, they also offer decadent desserts, like Chocolate Mousse cake and Tiramisu, for those who are less concerned about their waistline. Paired with their beer and wine selection, customers often spend several hours enjoying their meal inside, or outside relaxing on their patio.

And, while the interior of the restaurant is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing meal, the fast-casual setting is also ideal for healthy individuals on the go. Customers have the option to call in their order and pick it up, or they can simply call Choices to You for local delivery. Either way, Go-Grill is definitely a fast, healthy alternative for a quick and delicious meal, and a new dining option the Suwanee community is excited to have.



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