Network and Grow Your Business


Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to consider how to enhance your community involvement and visit us at Suwanee Business Alliance at one of our monthly meetings to introduce yourself to new people, network and help others grow their businesses! The time you will spend with us and the cost of membership ($60/year) will be well worth the investment. We have members from all walks of life who know the value of showing up and being part of what makes Suwanee a great community!

This year we are trying to meet at as many new places as possible, while still relying on our regular hosts each year who generously open their doors to our alliance. Wherever we meet though, there are refreshments, good food and interesting people. Door prizes to promote your business are always appreciated. We raise money from our April golf tournament to give back to local charities and families in need. Check out our Atlanta Braves night outing on June 6th at for a free bus ride to and from the new stadium and discounted tickets! MEMBERS ONLY and a guest! Don’t miss out on this night of fun!

We want to hear from you, see you, and welcome you to bring your awesomeness and a friend or coworker to the Suwanee Business Alliance! Check out our website for upcoming events and follow us on Facebook.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and we will see you soon! Get your tomahawks ready for June 6th!



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