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5 Wine Tasting Tips

We had the opportunity to attend Château Élan’s “Wine Tasting Experience” – an evening of wine-tasting led by Level 2 Sommelier, Matias Henriquez, who recently joined the Braselton winery after being recruited from a winery in his home-country of Chile. By: Rachel Pillow | Photos by Natalie Stubb Henriquez’ personable approach and witty sense of


Investment Strategies with Aileron

By: Bill and Cindi Porter, AILERON INVESTMENT ADVISORS Q: What technology trends should I be following? A: Major economic breakthroughs many times offer investment opportunities for those with vision. Today we are possibly on the edge of several significant developments. For context, let’s review the four phases of the industrial revolution: I. In the 1780’s, Phase

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A Fresh Approach

“The Fresh Market gives back to Suwanee through their support of non-profit organizations and community events” BY: Rachel Fasig The 2014 4th Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest is brought to you by, The Fresh Market! No matter what event that The Fresh Market plays a role in, their presence is always well known and

Atlanta: the new Southern brewing Destination

“Suwanee Magazine interviews Bob Carlton, owner of Brew Depot, about the explosion of new craft breweries in Georgia” BY: Rachel Fasig “You can sense a resurgence of energy around the craft beer movement in Georgia,” Bob Carlton started out our conversation making me thirsty to learn more. Carlton, owner of Brew Depot / Beer Necessities,

Tips for making this year’s Suwanee Beer Fest epic

BY: Curtis Stockwell of The Beer Growler The season is upon us! What is this I speak of? Beer fest season but of course, where strangers become friends, the beer flows like wine, and where beautiful people instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. On March 15th the Fourth Annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest

A Wine Education

“See, Swirl, Smell, Sip & Slurp” BY: Sean Wilborn, Tasting Room Manager at Château Élan I lead and design several wine education events at Château Élan and I’ve discovered an overwhelming majority of us have a general curiosity, if not a down right fascination with wine but an equal reluctance to engage further into what

Lisa Shay: Post Heart-Surgery Weight Loss

BY: Rachel Fasig “Lisa Shay is the perfect example of when the mother of the house makes positive choices, it filters through the entire family.”  This was the introduction I received from Shay’s fitness instructor, Ruth Ungerer, when I met them on a cold, wet morning at Mulberry Park in Dacula for “Boot Camp class”. Shay has been working out with Ungerer for four years now. She

Beth Rowe’s Fitness Journey

Just one year ago, in January 2013, Beth Rowe, read the Suwanee Magazine health issue cover to cover, twice! Having felt defeated for quite some time, Rowe said she felt empowered by seeing individuals such as herself who started to make healthy choices,get fit and stop making excuses. And, what a testimony, that now Beth Rowe is one of the individuals

Cooper’s Fight

Suwanee teen and family remain positive in battle against rare form of cancer BY: Rachel Fasig Photos: Angie Barrett Photography The O’Briens represent Suwanee’s typical family: the type of family that gives back to the community and is a joy to be around. They have a beautiful home, a great marriage, awesome friends, a talkative cat

Georgia Grape Harvest

BY: Sean Wilborn, Tasting Room Manager, Château Élan By now it’s well known that our state is one of notable wine production. With nearly 60 wineries in the state, it’s easier to get to a tasting room than ever before. From Suwanee it’s a short drive up 85 to the closest and largest winery in

What’s Brewing in the Craft Beer Universe

Hello beer lovers, I hope the holidays went well for all of you and you were able to get out of your zone and try some new beers! In this issue I will be discussing Belgian beer! Hopefully, in your conquests of new beer you have heard what Belgium has to offer, or better yet

Sweet Repeat Dresses

By: Tana Christian Suggs With many extracurricular and social activities, being in high school is a fun and memorable time for many students. A homecoming dance and prom can oftentimes be the highlight of these activities. But for many, the cost associated with dressing for some of these events – considering the cost of dresses,

Restaurant Spotlight on: Segreto Cucina Italiano

Suwanee’s New “Secret Kitchen” By: Tana Christian Suggs When thinking about Italian cooking, one often thinks of a large family gathered in the kitchen sipping Chianti, stirring specially made sauces that are filled with the family’s secret ingredients that have been handed down from generation to generation while the pasta simmers to a perfect al

Chick-fil-A: Going Beyond the Chicken

BY: Rachel Fasig When envisioning the back kitchen of a typical fast food restaurant, you might expect a chaotic scene, with: chicken flying, sauces splattered on the counters, employees yelling orders, slippery floors, disorganized shelves…and the defrosting of frozen concoctions. But, Chick-fil-A is not a typical fast food restaurant, nor is it chaotic, and you

38 Unique Date Ideas in Suwanee & Beyond

BY: Rachel Fasig Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that only comes once a year. It is a time for: dinner dates, chocolate boxes, teddy bears, flowers, jewelry, love letters and romance. But, that type of romantic pursuit should not be limited to merely one day. Experts across the globe have stated that divorce rates are

Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta 5k Walk and Health Seminar 2013

Teen promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to Asian Indian community BY: Sneha Divan The Asian Indian population is generally predisposed to illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity due to sedentary lifestyles. I wanted to do something about this and, with my mother’s help, proposed the idea of a 5K walk to the committee members

Dr. Rhonda C. Hogan, Pediatric & Adolescent Dentistry

Business Spotlight on Dr. Rhonda C. Hogan, D.M.D., P.C. By: Tana Christian Suggs The time has come for your child’s first trip to the dentist. But how do you know where to find the right dentist for your child? Dr. Rhonda Hogan is a local pediatric and adolescent dentist with her office located on Peachtree

Investment Strategies

Your Investment Questions Answered By: Bill & Cindi Porter Question: How can I spot a potential market opportunity? Answer: If you were an astronaut, you could see a giant flame burning over the Bakken area of North Dakota. As reported by Yahoo Finance, more than $100,000,000 a month in excess natural gas is being flared or burned

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Brand-Aid: Content is the Key

When done correctly, content marketing is an excellent, and potentially inexpensive, way to drive customers further down the sales funnel. By: ALICIA CARTER, Content Marketing Manager, Veugeler Design Group  Content marketing is a great option for many small businesses, but it’s typically underutilized by those who could benefit from it the most. Many of our


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New Gallery Showcases Local Artists

Echo Gallery & Artist Colony is bringing local art to the Suwanee Community. The Gallery opened on March 10th just around the corner from Town Center, and is currently home to 14 independent artists. The Gallery received its name based off of the Suwanee Community it is located in. Suwanee is said to be the

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