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Suwanee Beer Fest

2018 Suwanee Beer Fest Guide

On March 17th, 2018, thousands of beer lovers will once again descend on beautiful Town Center Park for the 8th annual Suwanee American Craft Beer Fest, the biggest craft beer festival in the Southeast. And though it has always aligned itself with St. Patrick’s Day, this year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever


Jump on the Seoul Train

Mark your calendars now because Explore Gwinnett’s Seoul of the South Food Tour is back! The 2018 tour dates are May 12th, June 16th, August 18th and September 29th. A few of us had the opportunity last year to jump on the Seoul Train (actually, it was an old-fashioned trolley, which is even cooler) and



Professional Soccer Comes to Gwinnett

Suwanee Magazine interviews Coach Scott Donnelly, Midfielder Kevin Barajas and Center Back AJ Cochran of New USL Team, ATL UTD 2 as they share their excitement about their inaugural season at Gwinnett County’s Coolray Field. By: Angela Veugeler | Photos by Tim Dryden The success and fan base Major League Soccer team, Atlanta United, experienced

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2013 Suwanee Wine Fest

Inaugural festival brings a “world of wine” to Town Center Park, to benefit Annandale Village BY: Rachel Fasig Nearly a thousand wine lovers gathered on October 5th for the inaugural Suwanee Wine Festival, as Town Center Park was transformed into a “world of wine”. With over 250 wines from around the world, attendees had the chance to sample many wines they might not otherwise

Lake Lanier’s Magical Night of Lights

BY: Tana Christian Suggs What’s more magical than a Christmas tree filled with twinkling holiday lights…or a house decorated with bright, colorful lights trimming the eaves and lining the windows and doors making the ordinary home look like a house made of gingerbread?  Perhaps one of the most treasured memories of Christmas is the wide eyes of children as they take

What’s Brewing

Cold months ahead. Bring on the STOUTS & PORTERS By: Curtis Stockwell of The Beer Growler It’s that time of year again, gone is the warmer weather and in comes cooler temperatures and shorter days. Some people dread the coming months of cold and dreariness, none of which I am particularly fond of, but it does mark

Shadowbrook Baptist Weekday School

“Love, Laugh, Teach” BY: Angela Veugeler, Executive Editor It’s Monday morning and we pull into the carpool line at Shadowbrook Baptist Weekday School. After getting up at 5am to get ready for work and get our 3 kids ready for school, I’m thinking of our staff meeting and all of the things that I have to get done that

Restaurant Spotlight on: Friends American Grill

Friends American Grill serves up food and fun in the neighborhood BY: Tana Christian Suggs As the old song says…“you gotta have friends,” and I’m not talking about the mega-hit television show featuring the cast of six twenty-somethings who were always there for each other. I’m talking about the local, fun-filled, neighborhood grill and bar of the same name –

Investment Strategies Q&A

BY: Bill and Cindi Porter, Aileron Investment Advisors Unfortunately, many investors do just the opposite and achieve the opposite results. On March 24, 2000, the S&P 500 set a new record high (1527)* but few investors followed the rule by selling their shares and taking their profits. By Oct. 9, 2002, the S&P 500
had quickly

Web Exclusive: Facts and Tips regarding Breast Cancer

BY: T. Cherie Miller, Certified Wellness Coach The word cancer is a scary subject to talk about.  By nature, discussing health issues is unpleasant; however the topic is real and extremely important.  This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness month – the perfect time to understand how early detection, lowering our risks, knowing the signs

A Vibrant City: Suwanee Business Alliance

BY: Ed Szcesniak, SBA Vice President & Owner/Designer – Georgian Landscape Design Who woulda thunk it? A sleepy little town just 20 years ago, began with a post office in 1838. It took 31 more years to develop into a whistle stop on the Georgia Airline Railroad. Then came the big time – by 1880

Gentle Corrections

Wellness Center seeks to improve the overall quality of life of their patients, BY: Shea Nolan When people first think of chiropractic care they usually associate it with back pain and stiff joint treatment. However, chiropractic treatment can be much more diverse and address many issues other than back pain. At Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center, the

Interceptive Orthodontics, ADHD, and Children

BY: Bill Williams, DMD, MAGD, Suwanee Dental Care Everybody knows the importance of sleep, even more so when it comes to the development of your child. Studies as recent as July of this year show that almost one third of the pediatric population suffers from some type of sleep related problem. Restlessness, bedwetting, sleep apnea,

A Network of Hope

BY: Tana Suggs Going through a difficult situation, no matter what the plight, can leave one feeling helpless and lonely, especially when it comes to one’s health. But when there’s someone to talk with, such as a survivor, who has already faced the illness head on and knows some of the things a patient is going through, it can

Mellow Mushroom, Mellow Lovin’

“Mellow Mushroom, Mellow Lovin’” BY: Shea Nolan Great food in a casual, fun environment can sometimes be hard to find. A restaurant that caters to the whole family – from high-energy kids to too-cool teens to parents that want a place to relax – is a rare occurrence. Mellow Mushroom in Suwanee Town Center has been

Outdoor Kitchens

“Outdoor Kitchens”  BY: your friends at American Casual Living It is said that people gather where they are most comfortable, and the outdoor kitchen is fast becoming a popular gathering point for entertaining family and friends. Fortunately, living in Georgia affords us year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Homeowners are leveraging the investment in their homes

Auston Albers

“Local motocross racer hits the dirt to pursue his dream” BY: Tana Suggs Oftentimes kids of all ages are enamored with fast cars and motor bikes, so growing up with a parent who drives or rides would make it perhaps even that much more enticing to a youngster. That’s the way it was for Auston

Artist Profile: Alan Zarter

Meet Local Artist Alan Zarter, BY: Tana Suggs Photography started as a hobby for Alan Zarter during his youth. And as Zarter grew, so did his love for the art. Now Zarter is a local artist and co-founder and vice president of the North Gwinnett Arts Association, and former vice president, Board member and active member of the North Georgia Arts Guild

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5 Web Design Trends Making an Impact in 2018

The landscape of the digital world is always changing. New advancements in technology continue to roll out, shifting the direction of web design at the drop of a dime. What was hot last year may be old-fashioned by the time the new year comes around. By: Alicia Carter Businesses not only have to adjust their


OMG!!! Kids and Social Media

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself to help decide if your kids are ready for social media profiles. By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling If you are the parent of a teenager, or your kid just wants to be a teenager, you’ve probably been asked about a variety of social media apps.

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Hash Brown Cutest Pup Winner 2018

Cutest Pup Contest Winner 2018

… AND THE WINNER IS: HASH BROWN! With over 120 entries, this year’s Suwanee Magazine Cutest Pup contest was the largest yet. There were lots of adorable pups, but when it was all said and done, Hash Brown came out on top. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated! Hash Brown is a Soft

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