Get Shaved at Paradise Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

get shaved

If you’re looking for an alternative to ice cream and yogurt on hot, exhausting days this summer, then you’ll want to try a refreshing cup of shaved ice. At Paradise Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you’ll experience incredible desserts, excellent service and low prices. They create these delicious delights through a small, unique counter-top machine that creates very refined ice. Tropical fruit flavors are added and the result is a tasty treat where the ice is tender and the tropical fruit flavors are thick and appetizing. To tempt your sweet tooth even further, they also serve Boba Teas, fruit smoothies, milk shakes, ice lattes, snoballs, and ice cream. The Hawaiian-themed decor of Paradise Hawaiian Shaved Ice makes for a great summer destination where you can enjoy a variety of cool treats. Stop by their store next to the Movie Tavern in Suwanee!


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