Reducing Childhood Obesity



Dr. Michelle Lombardo, President and Karen
McNamara, Vice President of The OrganWise Guys

While our lives have been getting more convenient with the proliferation of fast food and technology, our health and the health of our families have suffered. Currently two thirds of the adult population and nearly 20% of our children are either overweight or obese, and these statistics show no signs of improving. Further, the problems associated with obesity are especially of concern for our children because it is often difficult to reverse eating habits and physical activity tendencies in adulthood.

As a result, childhood obesity has become a hot topic in the media, with celebrities and politicians dedicating themselves to helping reverse the trend. The good news is that you do not have to be famous, or even that knowledgeable about nutrition and physical activity in order to help children that you love. The key is accessing resources and individuals in the community who are equipped to address these topics.

Local resources to improve health, nutrition and reduce obesity in our children.

Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Department (GCPR)

Over the past two summers, GCPR has been involved with a national initiative to promote health in summer Applescamps. An impressive outcome of this work includes children consuming over 800 gallons of water for the eight weeks of the summer camp program!

Farmers Markets

Visit the Suwanee Farmers Market for fresh, locally grown food all year long! This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the colorful variety of produce and involve them in the selection process.

Local Schools

Did you know that every school in the area has a specialized kit of nutrition education? Contact your child’s school and inquire about the Foods of the Month Kit. These items are designed to promote two nutritious foods each month with replaysources to decorate the school like posters and buttons, and newsletters that can go home to parents.

The OrganWise Guys, Inc.

A Suwanee-based company with the leading childhood obesity prevention program in the nation. Using lovable organs of the body to empower children to make healthy lifestyle choices, their programming is the only published literature that demonstrates statistically significant anthropomorphic and academic improvements.


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