Amazing Summer Wines

Nothing says summer like  family gathering, backyard barbecues, easy days on the lake, or siting by the pool with friends. Sweet smells of burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken, and maybe even wings lingering on the weekends beckon even the sternest of homebodies outside. The bright sunlight and longer days give us every excuse to roam. Now that summer is finally upon us, we’ve got you covered on what to drink with whatever you’re enjoying…

By: Claire Addison, Beverage Superstore, Grayson


Kaiken Malbec

In the South, we covet our grill specialties, and barbecue is almost more of a religion than just a meal. With grilled foods, the pairings are quite close to what you would expect from everyday fares: whites, reds and rosés. But there are some amazing wines that aren’t to be missed this summer! In the tradition of steaks and burgers, Malbecs are the way to go. These wines are usually stainless steel fermented, (unless noted as a Reserve) and have wonderful fruit qualities that will compliment red meats in any capacity. These wines are also very budget friendly, ranging from $8.99 and up, meaning having a few extras on hand wouldn’t hurt just in case friends drop by. One of the biggest sellers in this category is Gascon Malbec, a very modestly priced wine that over delivers and has been ranked as a “Best Buy” for several vintages. Kaiken Malbec is another one not to be missed. This young Malbec has a dark, inky color with notes of strawberries and dark cherries followed by very silky tannins. Pair this one with ribs, or brisket topped with your favorite sauce.

Lake Wines


Alloy Pinot Noir

For those days when you need to be one with nature, lake excursions can be a little tough, especially for wine lovers. Traditionally, wine comes in glass bottles, a no-no for time in a boat or on a pier. The technology of containers has evolved dramatically in recent years, taking these situations in mind. Wine-maker, Andrew Jones of Field Recordings set off on a one-man journey to solve this problem for wine and lake-lovers around the globe. Currently in production are the Pinot Noir, and the Grenache Rose’, both offered in 500ml cans – gasp! 

While the beer world has taken massive steps to gear consumers towards cans, the wine world won’t be far behind. These two wines are outstanding offerings that beg to be taken with you to the lake, festivals, on the trail, picnics, and anywhere else the summer takes you. Not only are the cans lighter weight, they’re easier to recycle than glass.

Pool Wines


Banshee Rose

For those sun-bunnies that will be residing by the pool for the remainder of the summer, Rosé wines and anything with bubbles are the way to go. Villa Jolanda, a producer from Italy, makes a line of sparkling Moscatos with all-natural fruit infusions like Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Peach. These are amazing alone, but throw in a shot of peach schnapps, or triple sec to not only kick up the flavor, but up the ante on alcohol content as well. Freezing fruit and dropping it in your glass not only looks fancy, but keeps your beverage colder longer. If bubbles aren’t your thing, try a dry Rosé from Provence or California. Provence has been producing Rosés that are known globally for being light bodied, flavor intense wines; but California is rapidly closing the gap, producing more of their own each year. Banshee Rosé of Pinot Noir, has the palest color of pink, but as much complexity as you would expect from Sonoma. Chilled, this wine disappears fast, so make sure you procure multiples. Try this wine with a nice fresh salad or fresh fruit parfait.

Alloy Pinot Noir

Grapes: Pinot Noir Wine Region: Central Coast Style: Californian Pinot Noir Country: United States Food Pairing: Veal, Pork, Game (deer, venison), Rich Fish (salmon, tuna etc), Poultry

Alloy Central Coast Grenache Rosé

Grapes: Grenache Noir Wine Region: Central Coast Style: Californian Pinot Noir Country: United States Food Pairing: Beef, Mature and Hard Cheese

Kaiken Malbec

Grapes: Malbec Wine Region: Mendoza Style: Argentinian Malbec Country: Argentina Beef, Spicy Foods, Mature and Hard Cheese, Poultry

Villa Jolanda Moscato & Peach

Grapes: Moscato Wine Region: Asti Style: Northern Italy White Country: Italy Food Pairing: Sweet Desserts

Gascon Malbec

Grapes: Malbec Wine Region: Mendoza Style: Argentinian Malbec Country: Argentina Food Pairing: Beef, Spicy Foods, Mature and Hard Cheese, Poultry

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