‘It’s motivating to be in a competition’

I’ve never been a part of a group fitness challenge of any sort.  Being a part of the Get Fit Challenge is great because of the opportunity to work with a trainer and nutritionist.  It’s also motivating to be in a competition.  The circuit class [at Stage 3 Fitness] is hard and fast.  At my weight and fitness level, it’s not easy to keep up, but it’s getting better.  I’m also taking spin classes — something I’ve done before, but it takes a while to get your behind acclimated to the seat!

Nutritionally, one of the hardest things for me to give up is sodas.  Usually when I do that, I drink more milk, which I’ve been instructed not to do.  Getting used to just water has been difficult, but at this point I’m not suffering from the withdrawals.  Another challenge is learning to prepare ahead.  My wife and I are working on a plan to have certain foods available for the week, so that I don’t make bad choices due to hunger.  My goal is not to diet but to learn to eat in a manner that will not only cause me to lose my excess weight but also maintain it going forward.