A Summer Camp for Parents?

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So you’re sending little Mary & Johnny off to have a great time at summer camp. We sent our kids to YMCA Camp High Harbor back when they were young – we also sent a LOT of our money! A week there today runs about $800 per child! All I can say is they better have a LOT of fun – and no “Hello Mudder / Hello Fadder” letter had better come home.

Well – we at the SBA think it’s about time for you parents to think about giving yourselves a little “Summer Camp” this year – and for a LOT less money.

Sure – it may not be for a week at the lake – and it may not include campfires / sing alongs and mosquitos the size of a rhino – BUT – if you come to our “Summer Camp” it includes a day of golf at one of Atlanta’s finest courses, great food, great “adult” refreshments, a lot of fun people, and (here’s the best part) – it only costs $125 per player (and you may be able to write off half of this to charity if you talk nicely to your CPA!)

I think you owe it to yourself, your spouse, your friends, and to the many wonderful charities that benefit from this tournament every year.

This year’s tournament will be held at Bear’s Best right here in Suwanee on Tuesday, April 26th. Camp starts at 8:00am with a little continental breakfast and concludes with a luncheon / door prizes / Trophy awards ceremony – and NO mosquitos!!!

If you haven’t played at our summer camp before you’ve missed out on one heck of a great day. Statistically 94.736% of our “players” cannot call themselves “golfers”. Our “Best Ball” format basically means one of the people in your foursome has to be able to actually hit a ball. Not necessarily far, not necessarily well – in fact most of our players just hit it often – into the trees, water, somebody else’s cart, on rare occasion, even into the fairway! What I’m saying is come out and have fun – meet a bunch of great local business people – and do something good for a local charity. I promise you’ll be the envy of all of those other “kids” who didn’t come to our “Summer Camp”

For more information on the SBA Golf Tournament, please visit our website at Suwanee.org.

The SBA meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at different business locations in town. For more info visit Suwanee.org.


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