AIR Salon: A Salon of Hope

The Bush Family

Suwanee’s first and only blow-out salon turned a personal tragedy into hope for other women

BY: Rachel Fasig

Suwanee is home to many traditional salons, but AIR is the first that specializes primarily in blow-out styling, up-dos and “helping women feel and look fabulous”, says Cecilia Bush, owner. Not a hairstylist by trade, Bush went from a background in marketing and sales to an unlikely ownership of a hair salon; and the journey of how she got there is inspiring.

In 2011, Bush went into the hospital, pregnant with twins and experiencing serious complications. Immediately put on bed rest to avoid premature labor, Bush learned what it felt like to be entirely vulnerable and dependent on others. A strong, beautiful and independent woman by nature, it was very difficult for Bush to be bed-ridden and unable to take care of herself.

“You don’t realize until you are in that situation how awful it feels to be on bed rest….as a woman you really just feel grungy.”

One night, after several weeks of bed rest, a nurse who had already clocked out, approached Bush and her husband, Ian, and told Bush that she was going to pamper her. After lighting candles around the room, the nurse asked Ian if he’d help give Bush a bath. After a complete & relaxing sponge bath, the nurse brushed out Bush’s hair and gave her a French braid. It was one of the nicest things that Bush remembers ever being done for her.

A few days later, Bush gave birth and tragically, the twins did not survive. After a whirlwind of heartache and numerous health scares for Bush, she finally regained physical strength and they were able to go home from the hospital.

the Bush familyAfter settling back home, Bush was recounting her days at the hospital and remembered the night she was pampered “by the sweet nurse who was off-duty”, she said. “It made such an impact on me,” Bush recalled, “she truly showed God’s love with her actions.” And in that moment, Bush felt tremendous gratitude and decided she wanted others to know they were equally cared for, especially when they are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves.

Bush is a “firm believer that you can find good in every situation,” she says, “it’s important to be thankful in everything, but not for everything.”

AIR Salon was born out of a tragedy, but it was a tragedy that turned into hope; hope for women to feel and look beautiful. Bush explains what AIR is about, in a nutshell. “We want women to feel fantastic. Fabulous hair empowers you If you need a pick-me-up, if your heart is broken, if you are injured or incapacitated somehow, we want to help you.”

And, they are doing just that for the community of Suwanee and beyond. Bush and her associates offer “concierge services” and will travel to people’s homes anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area to wash and style their hair. In fact, recently a teenage girl was in a crippling car accident, so Bush went to the student’s house and did her hair, knowing that it would lift the young girl’s spirits.

Bush says that she chose the community of Suwanee for her salon because “Suwanee is modern enough but still has great family and conservative values. It has just enough diversity to show a taste of what Atlanta is all about.”

She adds that Suwanee is where they want to raise their family. Bush and her husband now have a 15-month old daughter, who they call their “rainbow baby” – she is a beacon of hope and an unexpected blessing that came amidst heartache.

DSC_1746And, Bush hopes that AIR Salon can become a beacon of hope for women in times of need or crisis as well as a way to simply relax, get ready for a date or event, to pamper oneself, for bridal parties, prom parties, mother-daughter outings and more! AIR specializes in hair-styling, but upon request can also cut and color. All of AIR’s stylists are licensed and able to create custom packages based on individual tastes and preferences.

At AIR, they start out with a consultation to determine the best treatment and style for your needs and hair type. Personally, I went into AIR Salon with a messy bun on top of my head and came out feeling pampered, relaxed and fabulous, with volume and curls in my hair that I wouldn’t be able to achieve at home!

Sometimes you or someone close to you is going through a hard time and could use a “pick-me-up” and sometimes you just don’t want to do your own hair. Both are 100% viable reasons to visit AIR Salon!

Cecilia Bush might not remember the nurse’s name who changed the course of her life, but she will never forget the love that nurse showed through her actions – a lesson that we can all carry with us in everything we do.

AIR Salon will be hosting a ladies night Grand Opening Party on March 27th from 6-9pm, to benefit a Gwinnett Church high school mission trip to Jamaica. AIR Salon will provide package deals on hair styling, beer, wine and appetizers at the event. To learn more, call: 770-932-1555.


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