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Here at Suwanee Magazine, we love encouraging students of all ages to write about things they are passionate about. Our team asked local students to tell a story about a time when summer had ended and they, some very unwillingly, had to go back to school. We loved all of the submissions we received! Check-out these Back-to-school stories submitted by Mrs. Ahern’s 2nd grade class at Patrick Elemnetary School:

By: Miles 

“Aw man!” I said to myself. “Don’t tell me school is here!”

“Miles,” my mom yelled, “it’s time for school.”

So I got up, put some clothes on, grabbed my bag, and then I was ready!

“See-ya Ms. Bus Driver!”

When I got there I was so depressed but I met with my new class and got on with my day.

“Dear class, we are going to start the day off with math.”

“Oh no..this is going to be a long year!”

The end!

By: Erin 

*Sigh* Noooooooooo! Not time for school! I’m scared to go to third grade! What if I’m not prepared to go there?! What if I don’t do good on my DA’s and paper tests! I’ll never make it to fourth grade at the end of the year! Well, it depends on my grades and how I act. So I might as well behave better than I did last time.

*Holds breath*

*Sighs once again*

I think I’m ready!

“At after school…”

Wow! I did very good today! Mom’s gonna be so proud when she sees my agenda!

“At home…”

Mom! I was so good at school today! Third grade was great. Now, time for the rest.

(To be continued…)

By: Savannah

“ I always wonder if I’m ready for 3rd grade.” Because I would have to go to school every day except Sunday and Saturday. But I’m very excited because I get to buy a new backpack, I get to buy new supplies, and I get to learn new things. Then I get to do picture day again! But I can’t wait to do third grade things! But I hate multiplication. Because it’s kind of boring! Well actually multiplication is not too boring… but it’s still too boring to me. Anyway I’m instead interested in math stuff, but I hate writing. But I hope I do a good job in 3rd grade.

By: Iru

Noooo! It’s time for school. Does the summer have to end? I don’t want to go back to school! It feels like I’m there until five Fourth of Julys. Please don’t make me go back, I’ll have to do times tables and multiplication! Oh well, I’m at school. Time to meet my teacher for third grade. Wow, that was awesome. You know what, I’m ready for school to start again! Third grade here I come so you better be ready because I’m going to make it past you to fourth grade and fifth grade so be ready!

By: Lucas

Nooo! I have to go back to school.

“Honey you are going to be late!”

What! 8:30, yes it is 8:30! Oh my gosh.

“Welcome class. Let me introduce myself.”

Wait! Oh, that’s why one of the tables is empty.

“Sorry I am late.”

“It is okay, I was about to introduce myself. Oh ok. SO my name is Mrs. Tom. So today we are going to do social studies first, then reading, then writing, and dismissal.”

I did so much stuff at school. Until the end of school.

By: January

“No! I’m not getting out of bed mom please don’t make me go!! Why can’t summer break be longer than that? I can’t believe that I forgot all about going to school on summer break! Ughhh! No! No! No! No! I just want to stay home today. Please?! Yes? Yay!! Hi Ms.Ahern. I’m back! So, how is everyone doing? …Um…hello? I’ll just get my free writing journal out. Yay, I got a star today and on Friday I got two E’s! I can be a Youtuber and go to the movies! Yay!”

By: Ansley

Oh no! Back to school now I have to get my book bag and my glue. Man I had a great summer that went by so fast. And I have to get my pencil also I am going to meet new friends and I wonder who is my teacher. I hope she is nice, I thought all night. Then in the morning I heard an alarm and my mom came in an said “Hi Ansley, good morning.”

And I said, “Good morning Mom, I don’t want to go to school!”

And my mom said, “You have to go!”

So I said, “Ok! But who is my teacher?”

I have to go by myself and meet her.

“Yes, I’m sorry, you are going to pick me up right?”

“No, don’t you remember, I told you you are a bus rider now.”

“Yay! Well, see you later.”

What is my bus number? 25.

“Wow that is awful,” I thought but I said, “Yay! See you mom! Bye!”

By: Farrah

Back to school already. Why do we have to go? Well, my first day of school here we go. No I better get my lunch box. Oh don’t forget your backpack and don’t forget to brush your teeth. I’m all ready. Oh no! I’m late. Well I better go but I just thought of something. Wait! I’m a car rider. Well I’m glad I’m not on the bus but I better hurry, school is about to start! But are you ready for school?

By: Nic

Beep. Beep. Oh no, it is the first day of school. I am so scared. I do not want to go to school or make new friends and I do not want to go to school. Uhhhhh! I can not believe I am on the bus and I am freaking out and making this scared face. It’s so crazy because I am calmed down because I made new friends and new teacher. My new teacher is so nice and it is the end of school. Bye.

By: Michael 

Oh no school! I’m going to be sick. I want to be homeschooled. Please! Ok. But I am not leaving home. I’m not ready.

“What will make you ready,” said mom.

“20 years! I’m not going in the car!”

Nooo! I’m at school!

“Okay class, we will be learning lots!”


By: Elias Jr.

Is that what I think I hear? It is the alarm. It is the first day of school! I have to get up and ready quickly so I do not miss the bus! I would get in big trouble. So let’s go you guys. So we went.

By: Sanaa

Oh no, is that the alarm clock? It is back to school time. I should tell you the steps. 1. You need to have school supplies. 2. Be ready to learn. 3. You need to figure out you success. 4. You need to not hate anybody and do not misbehave. 5. Have fun. Those are the steps. Now it is go back to school time!!!!!

By: Isabella

3rd grade already. I am ready for 3rd grade. I;m so lazy because we just got back from summer. I am so so so sleepy because I have to get up really early at 7:00 each day and get everything ready to go. But when I got to school I was so nervous and shy. I had to say stuff like, “Hi I’m Isabella and I’m really really shy,” because I did not know anybody. Except for Ansley. She’s the only person I knew until I made a new friend like Sanaa and Sasha and Erin and some more people. They were nice. Then there was this last person and her name was Iru and she was so nice too. But whenever we went outside, no one had friends so I let them play with me and the did play but it was not loud and then some people asked to play and I sad yes and we all played together. The end!

By: Ormounin

Oh no! I am going back to school. I need to go to the store. So i get to my car and drive. I’m there and look for pencils and paper. So when I found it I need a new bookbag. There are 100,000 bookbags. How am I going to find a bookbag in two minutes? I know I can find the right bookbag.



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