‘Being consistent has been key’

We’ve made it to month two and I’ve already felt (and see) a huge change! I sometimes am in awe at how much I have accomplished thus far and I must say, being consistent has been key. Ive been consistent in going to the gym at least 3 days out of the week and giving it my all. My goal is to get there 4-5 times but because this is the real world, of course you’re faced with challenges set up to break your focus. Whether an ice storm or both children coming down with the flu, there will always be challenges you’re faced with but pushing through will be so worth it. I was so determined to get my 3 minimum workouts in for the week that I found myself working out on a Friday evening only to find myself back again on Saturday morning! I felt like if I didn’t push to get my workouts in, I’d feel so guilty. I love being in this space! I love it because my life and my schedule is planned around working out and not the other way around. My workout is on the priority list then comes the social activities, errands, etc. Working out gives me the energy and stamina to execute all other activities so it is a priority for me. 

The same goes for planning my meals. When I have moments where I want to slack off (thats the old self I previously mentioned who you’re competing with), I constantly repeat to myself, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail Shonika.” I know for a fact that if my meals are not planned out down to the snacks, I will fail and fall back to my old unhealthy habits and reach for the wrong snacks. Not saying there isn’t any room for error or moments of weakness, but I must ensure it does not become a habit. This really is a life change that I want to accomplish here; not just for the competition. Every other Sunday, my routine is to grab the notepad, break down the days of the week, add columns for myself, my husband and my kids; all of us in our own category. I break down the meals including snacks and plan my grocery list from there. Breaking this down into smaller pieces of work allows me to steadily achieve my goal of eating healthy and even saving money! Going into the grocery store with a game plan makes a successful healthy budgeted grocery shopping mission!