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Suwanee Creek Bicycles, located at the intersection of Main Street and Suwanee Dam Road, is celebrating their ten-year anniversary this year. Jeff Nalley and his wife, Wendy, have lived in Suwanee for 15 years, so when it came time to open their business they knew they wanted to “live, work, play and ride” right here in their own community.


Jeff Nalley Owner Suwanee Creek Bicycles

Jeff Nalley, Owner of Suwanee Creek Bicycles, has been riding since he was in his mid 20’s. What started as a hobby and a way for him and his coworkers to get away from their computers and out of the office, eventually led to a career that he is passionate about.

Along with their retail shop of road and mountain bikes, gear, shoes, attire and accessories, Suwanee Creek Bicycles specializes in all bicycle repair and service. “We offer lifetime adjustments on a bike when we sell it,” said Owner, Jeff Nalley. Unlike other retailers, especially big box stores or online shops, Suwanee Creek Bicycles does a 100-mile adjustment on all new bikes. “Initially, on a new bike, the first 100 miles or so is essentially a break-in period, so we do things like straighten up the wheels, tighten cables, make sure the gears are transitioning smoothly, and clean and lube the chains… but then after that initial adjustment you should be good for quite a while,” he explained.

Suwanee Creek Bicycles

Suwanee Creek Bicycles exclusively sells Fuji bikes and their associated brands and serves as one of the company’s premier dealers in the Southeast. But, they can repair any brand of bicycles in their service shop.


As a seasoned cyclist himself and having completed numerous “Century Rides” of 100 miles, including one 200-mile ride, Nalley understands the importance of being properly fitted on a bike, which is why he utilizes a professional bike fitting system with the technology and tools to ensure riders’ bodies are properly aligned to prevent injury or stiffness and to achieve maximum comfort level. They even have a “bike seat demo program” where customers can try out different sizes and shapes of bike saddles free of charge. “Everyone has their own preferences and saddles are all designed differently to alleviate certain pressure points – we will put the saddle on your bike and let you try it out until you get a few rides in and a feel for it before you decide to purchase anything,” Nalley said.

Suwanee Creek Bicycle Accessories

Suwanee Creek Bicycles will help outfit you with different
accessories depending on skill level. The one
accessory that every rider needs regardless of skill level is a helmet and they offer a large selection to fit any rider.

Suwanee Creek Bicycle Products

As cyclists become more experienced and are riding more miles, there are a wide variety of products that Nalley and his team can recommend for optimal performance and comfort.


The entire shopping process focuses on your unique needs as a cyclist. “Once we identify what type of rider you are, then we will talk about budget,” Nalley said. “The biggest difference between us and a big box store or online retailer is, A) the quality of materials you’re getting here, and B) the level of service,” he continued. Wherever you are on your biking journey: whether you are dabbling with the idea of it, just want to explore the Greenway with your family, or are a professional cyclist, the staff at Suwanee Creek Bicycles has the knowledge, expertise and products for all types of riders. Their Saturday morning group rides mirror this sentiment as they invite cyclists of all ages and skill levels to join them on the 22-mile route to Lake Lanier Islands. The Thursday evening group ride is a 26-mile faster ride with more seasoned cyclists, but everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Suwanee Creek Bicycle Group Ride

Suwanee Creek Bicycles hosts group rides that are open to the public, on Saturdays at 8:30am for a 22-mile ride and Thursdays at 6:30pm for a 26-mile ride.

With miles of paved trails in parks and on The Greenway, Suwanee has become a much more bike-friendly community in the past several years and has plans to make even more improvements in the future. So, here’s to another ten years and counting, Suwanee Creek Bicycles!


Visit Suwanee Creek Bicyles at 333 Main Street, #100 Suwanee, GA or at


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