Can Beer Be a Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Sweetwater Brewery

The guys and gals at SweetWater Brewing Co. have a unique challenge in that they are surrounded by beer all day every day – a fresh pint is just one tap pull away.

While the brewers’ jobs are physically demanding and require a lot of moving and lifting, the office employees burn extra calories by using standing desks. Employees take part in free classes, ranging from visiting barre and yoga instructors, to cycling studios who’ve set up stationary bikes for a spin class on the brewery patio. On Fridays, some brewery employees participate in a bodyweight group workout, taught by a fellow employee.

Need some beer/fitness inspiration?

Meet a few SweetWater employees who have the balance down:

Doug Wright

Doug Wright – Director of Retail Operations

I STAY ACTIVE BY: Running whenever I can – I love trails, but road will suffice. The North Georgia Mountains are a favorite spot to run and hike for my wife Lauren and me. Mountain biking at Chicopee Woods breaks the monotony of running if needed, and in the warmer season, love getting out on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) to explore Lake Lanier or take the canoe down the Chattahoochee River.

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I’M PROUD OF: 2006 Northbound Thru Hike of the Appalachian Trail, which redirected my life. More recently, completing my first of two 50K running races.

MY BEST WELLNESS TIP IS: Consistency. I exercise not only for the physical attributes but for the mind. There is a notable difference when I have not been out generating endorphins. It’s not about the first time you get out, for the second time is most important.



Michelle Moulton – Accounts Payable Coordinator

I STAY ACTIVE BY: Getting outside whenever I can. That might be biking to/from work, walking around town avoiding traffic, or hitting the gym for a swim or workout. My favorite activity, however, is paddle boarding. I compete in SUP races throughout the southeast and head to Stone Mountain for a quick paddle session when time allows.

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I’M PROUD OF: Completing two Tough Mudders – obstacles included!

Going Costal
Goin’ Costal

MY BEST WELLNESS  TIP IS: Listen to your body and don’t push yourself so hard that you injure yourself.

 POST WORKOUT  BEER OF CHOICE:  Goin’ Coastal IPA with Pineapple





Joe Simmons

Joe Simmons HR Director

I STAY ACTIVE BY: Doing a lot of calisthenicsroutines and boxing for the majority of my exercise. I enjoy biking, hiking, kayaking, and climbing trees or rocks. Anything that gets me outdoors and gets my blood pumping is always a good thing. I also try to stand for the majority of the day while working.



arts for many years and won five different regional and national titles. After getting tired of being hit in the face, I started Jiu-jitsu and do that when I can.

I have also completed many obstacle races and placed 4th out of 2,500 in my last Zombie Run. Super fun.

MY BEST WELLNESS TIP IS: Train smarter, not harder. This can be accomplished by finding an eating plan that works for you There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The best diet for you is the one that you can stick to. In the end, if your nutrition is not right, you will struggle to reach your goals.

POST WORKOUT BEER OF CHOICE: In the colder months, Festive is the go-to.

Tucker Sarkisian

Tucker Sarkisian Communications Director

Hash Session
Hash Session IPA

I STAY ACTIVE BY: Breaking a serious sweat in a mix of group fitness classes, 6 days a week: spin (Flywheel), barre (Flybarre), mega-reformer (Stellar Bodies), and HIIT (The Training Room). Once a week, I’ll do a round of heavy weights in the gym (Exhale) by myself, and on Fridays, I teach bodyweight classes at the brewery – they’re based on the SUP classes I teach during the summer! Plus, I typically run one race (5 – 10K) every month.

ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT I’M PROUD OF: I like to joke and say that I’ve never been a standout on a sports team, but I’m the best at exercise. I’m proud of my daily dedication in the gym.


Hash Session IPA is a lower ABV (4.2%) brew and is incredibly refreshing post-cardio

The team at SweetWater Brewing proves that with moderation, staying active and keeping workouts fun, beer can be part of a healthy lifestyle. So grab your beer-loving friends for a group workout class or outdoor activity, then enjoy the health benefits of knocking back a hoppy, cold one.


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