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Lisa Shay: Post Heart-Surgery Weight Loss

BY: Rachel Fasig “Lisa Shay is the perfect example of when the mother of the house makes positive choices, it filters through the entire family.”  This was the introduction I received from Shay’s fitness instructor, Ruth Ungerer, when I met them on a cold, wet morning at Mulberry Park in Dacula for “Boot Camp class”. Shay has been working out with Ungerer for four years now. She

Beth Rowe’s Fitness Journey

Just one year ago, in January 2013, Beth Rowe, read the Suwanee Magazine health issue cover to cover, twice! Having felt defeated for quite some time, Rowe said she felt empowered by seeing individuals such as herself who started to make healthy choices,get fit and stop making excuses. And, what a testimony, that now Beth Rowe is one of the individuals

Cooper’s Fight

Suwanee teen and family remain positive in battle against rare form of cancer BY: Rachel Fasig Photos: Angie Barrett Photography The O’Briens represent Suwanee’s typical family: the type of family that gives back to the community and is a joy to be around. They have a beautiful home, a great marriage, awesome friends, a talkative cat

Michael Timms: Conquering Diabetes one Run at a Time!

BY: Rachel Fasig I was planning to meet Big Peach runner, Michael Timms, before one of the weekly Thursday night Big Peach group runs at Suwanee Town Center Park. The runs begin at 6:30pm, so I figured I’d meet with Michael around 5:45pm. “Don’t worry, I’ll be there right around 5:00pm – I’m always early, I come straight from work,”

Suwanee’s Fitness Success Stories

BY: Rachel Fasig With the New Year comes new resolutions, and often those goals are fitness-oriented. It is easy to stay motivated in the first month or two, but many find it difficult to stay motivated throughout the remainder of the year. Well, here are five individuals who hope to give you that extra boost of inspiration and motivation to stick with

Kat Kelly: Lifelong Runner

BY: Rachel Fasig As I glanced around Big Peach Running Store in Suwanee, looking for Kat it was not difficult to locate her. I immediately spotted a fit, energetic, happy and social woman. As I watched her initiate conversations with employees, customers and other Big Peach runners, she seemed like the type that knew everyone and that everyone liked. I

Ryan Garrett’s Fitness Journey

BY: Rachel Fasig Four years ago, Ryan Garrett, a youth pastor, had a few students over at his house. He went downstairs to get the usual Cokes and Mountain Dews for everyone, but when he ran back up, 14 steps, he was completely out of breath. At that exact moment, he said, “This is it. I can’t live

Mary Grace Goes to Washington

Suwanee Teen takes on diabetes and Congress, participating in JDRF Children’s Congress BY: Tana Christian Suggs With the challenge of academic success, the competition in extracurricular activities, and general peer pressure, growing up can be hard enough. Imagine growing up with these struggles and also dealing with a disease – diabetes. Mary Grace Zaldo is a 14 year old Suwanee resident

Lake Lanier’s Magical Night of Lights

BY: Tana Christian Suggs What’s more magical than a Christmas tree filled with twinkling holiday lights…or a house decorated with bright, colorful lights trimming the eaves and lining the windows and doors making the ordinary home look like a house made of gingerbread?  Perhaps one of the most treasured memories of Christmas is the wide eyes of children as they take

Shadowbrook Baptist Weekday School

“Love, Laugh, Teach” BY: Angela Veugeler, Executive Editor It’s Monday morning and we pull into the carpool line at Shadowbrook Baptist Weekday School. After getting up at 5am to get ready for work and get our 3 kids ready for school, I’m thinking of our staff meeting and all of the things that I have to get done that

Gentle Corrections

Wellness Center seeks to improve the overall quality of life of their patients, BY: Shea Nolan When people first think of chiropractic care they usually associate it with back pain and stiff joint treatment. However, chiropractic treatment can be much more diverse and address many issues other than back pain. At Suwanee Spine and Wellness Center, the

A Network of Hope

BY: Tana Suggs Going through a difficult situation, no matter what the plight, can leave one feeling helpless and lonely, especially when it comes to one’s health. But when there’s someone to talk with, such as a survivor, who has already faced the illness head on and knows some of the things a patient is going through, it can

Outdoor Kitchens

“Outdoor Kitchens”  BY: your friends at American Casual Living It is said that people gather where they are most comfortable, and the outdoor kitchen is fast becoming a popular gathering point for entertaining family and friends. Fortunately, living in Georgia affords us year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Homeowners are leveraging the investment in their homes

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