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Investment Strategies with Aileron

By:  Bill and Cindi Porter, AILERON INVESTMENT ADVISORS Q: How should I invest to take advantage of the rapid increase of robotics in our economy? A: Considering the stock of companies in industries that are most likely to benefit from using fewer rather than more employees, as well as industries that require high precision labor. These companies

There’s an App For That

How can you really know if an app is right for you and your company? Q&A with Robert Wright, Senior Website & App Developer at Veugeler Design Group Q: Do you think that all companies can benefit from having an app? A: Not necessarily, it really depends on the industry and on what you are trying

Network and Grow Your Business

By: JULIE PERDUE PRESIDENT, SUWANEE BUSINESS ALLIANCE Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to consider how to enhance your community involvement and visit us at Suwanee Business Alliance at one of our monthly meetings to introduce yourself to new people, network and help others grow their businesses! The time you will spend


Urban Chic

UNIVERSE + SOUL COUTURE AND VOID SPACE PRODUCTIONS By:Rachel Pillow | Photos by: Karl Lamb & Walt Wooden  While most 19 and 22 year olds are concerned about waking up in time for class or what filter to use on Instagram, brother and sister duo, Curtis and Kaiya Smith, are concerned with owning and operating

SBA Golf Tournament April 25, 2017

Suwanee Business Alliance: Teeing Up For Charity

By: Julie Perdue President, Suwanee Business Alliance  On April 25th, 2017, Suwanee Business Alliance will host its 16th annual golf tournament held at Bears Best in Suwanee. This is an awesome course and we are looking for corporate sponsors, players, hole sponsors, volunteers and anyone wanting to lend a hand and have a blast teeing

Investment Strategies with Aileron

By: Bill and Cindi Porter, AILERON INVESTMENT ADVISORS Q: What has been driving the stock market surge over the past few years?  A: Multiple factors, but a few of them are very noteworthy for investors  First, when the 2008 recession took hold, many companies thinned out their employee rolls and reduced their labor expense significantly.

Why You Should be Using Social Media for Your Business - Veugeler Design Group

Why You Should be Using Social Media for Your Business

Facebook and Instagram are making it easier for people to manage their social media accounts right from their phone, with the ability to swap between business and personal accounts with a click of a button.  By: Priscilla Salmasi and Shay Harbaugh, Veugeler Design Group Recently a small business owner asked us if it was necessary

Reducing Childhood Obesity

By: THE ORGANWISE GUYS, INC. While our lives have been getting more convenient with the proliferation of fast food and technology, our health and the health of our families have suffered. Currently two thirds of the adult population and nearly 20% of our children are either overweight or obese, and these statistics show no signs

Kid Fitness

We asked Physical Education teachers at several Suwanee area elementary schools in Gwinnett County for tips on how to encourage physical activity at home. Read what they had to say.   Find an activity that your child truly enjoys Try something that is fun that you can do together or even as a family. If

How to Find an Honest Mechanic

By: DAN RYAN OF TEAM RYAN AUTOMOTIVE People spend a lot of time researching before buying a car, but often they don’t spend much time finding an honest, qualified auto service & repair shop. Your vehicle is not only likely the second most expensive purchase you will make, it is also responsible for keeping you and

Investment Strategies with Aileron

By: Bill and Cindi Porter, AILERON INVESTMENT ADVISORS Q: Please explain the new REIT sector in the S&P 500. A:  The S&P 500 index includes the stock of 500 individual companies and until recently it was divided into 10 different sectors so that investors can monitor specific areas of the economy (healthcare, energy, financials, industrial,

Out with the Old, in with the New Marketing Strategies

Twenty-Sixteen has come to an end. We say hello to 2017, bringing new opportunities, ventures and trends for both our personal and professional lives. For businesses, the beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the previous year, what was successful and what may need some improvement.  By: PRISCILLA SALMASI AND SHAY

Neo-Antiquing at American Redemption

The word redemption evokes a sense of new life, of freedom, of reclamation. The word is powerful and one that Owners, Jauxniece Palmer and Jill Snelling, of American Redemption in Suwanee stand behind. American Redemption is a marketplace of local artists where every item is hand-built, hand-finished or hand-picked.  By: Rachel Pillow | Photos by:

Marketing Your Business During The Holidays

How To Boost Sales During The Holidays

As we mentioned in the July/August article, email marketing is not dead- it’s alive and well- there’s just a new take on how it’s used. A lot has changed wince the days when the phrase “You’ve Got Mail” was made popular. If email marketing is thriving, what’s changed? Here are some tips to have your email make it through to the inbox of your audience- the right way.

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