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‘It isn’t the end of my journey’

‘It isn’t the end of my journey’

It may be the end of the Suwanee Magazine Get Fit Challenge, but it isn’t the end of my journey! I am so grateful to Suwanee Magazine for giving me this opportunity to get started on my path to returning to being fit and healthier. I also am grateful to Alloy Personal Training for Women

My favorite inspirational quotes

We just got back tonight from a quick trip to the beach (Miramar Beach, Florida). I needed that badly! Thank you Mom, Dad, and Keith! The beach is my happy place and the perfect place to destress. We enjoyed the sun, sand, Gulf, seafood, playing cards, and watching Michigan State basketball clinch the Big10 Championship.

‘These next six weeks are going to be about training my muscles and mind’

I have been really frustrated over the past couple of weeks. I have been struggling with learning a new role at work and being overwhelmed. I have been depressed that I’m not losing weight or not feeling a difference in my clothes yet. I knew I needed to write the next blog entry and I wasn’t feeling inspiring

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