Suwanee Mom Invents New Phone Accessory

Are you tired of having to put your phone down somewhere due to lack of pockets and ultimately missing an important phone call or text message? Inventor and Founder of MyPhonePouch, Allison Santini, is a busy working mom who has created a solution to your problem!

Like many of us, Allison wanted to wear stylish and comfortable clothes that often lacked pockets to hold your phone in. She created the MyPhonePouch to instantly add pockets to yoga pants, leggings and other outfits. What started as a sewing project using cut-up leggings and shirts, has now turned into a unique, game-changing solution to a very common problem most women are faced with. Allison’s pouches are an innovative, soft, stretchy pouch worn tucked over a snug waistband to carry your phone without having to worry about a clunky phone holster.

The pouches are currently available for sale on Etsy and their website, and come in many different varieties and colors. Allison hopes to partner with online stores, retailers, and other go-to-market channels as they continue to grow. Order your MyPhonePouch at


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