‘I feel like I’m at home again in the gym’

I just finished up my fourth week in the challenge! Things are changing, like my ability to work harder during a workout and seeing and feeling the results of that hard work. They say that the more fit you are the more you sweat. I sure hope that’s true because I’ve noticed I’m soaking wet when I’m done with my workout! The people that I workout with at Stage 3 are so supportive and encouraging — they keep me going! I feel like I’m at home again in the gym. So far I’ve had no problem getting there or eating healthy. My coaches are also very knowledgeable with nutrition. I’m not hungry and don’t have any cravings so far. 🙂
I think my past marathon training discipline has kicked in — it’s all in your head. If you want it bad enough you won’t let anything get in your way and I want it! Losing the weight is not the only reason for this challenge. For me it’s getting healthy too and it just so happens to be a byproduct of losing the weight and exercising.  I almost forgot to mention that [Suwanee Magazine writer] Alicia and her team were in the gym last Friday filming us and photographing us. What an experience that was!