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You’re stuck in traffic, tapping your fingers on the steering wheel as you impatiently wait for cars to start moving again. You had hoped to have dinner ready by now, but thanks to rush hour, by the time you get home, it will be too late to start cooking – not that you even feel like stepping foot in the kitchen. But it’s either that or feed the kids fast food for the second time in three days.

Sound familiar? Though family dinners have long been considered one of the pillars of a happy home, these days it can be hard to get the family together around a home cooked meal. That’s where GoWaiter can help.

GoWaiter is a time-saving service that places an order at your favorite restaurant and delivers it right to your front door.

On those nights when there’s no time to cook a family meal, GoWaiter is a fast and easy way to put food on the table. The process is simple. To place an order, a customer visits, enters a zip code, chooses a restaurant, and selects the menu items to be delivered. GoWaiter then contacts the restaurant, places the order, and picks it up. Deliveries generally take about

45 minutes to an hour, from the time the order is placed until it reaches your door. GoWaiter even sends you email updates until your order arrives! Orders can also be placed by way of a phone call.

Owners Tom and Laura Vooris, who first came across the service after Laura gave birth to the couple’s triplets, recently brought the service to Suwanee and the surrounding areas.

“We were and still are customers and loved the concept,” Tom Vooris said.

While the residents in the Suwanee community are still getting familiar with GoWaiter’s service, Vooris said he plans to have a grand opening this summer to help spread the word. If business continues to grow, Vooris said he would like to own several franchises in an effort to create jobs. He also said he sees the business as something he can pass on to his children.

The owners plan to use the business as an opportunity to give back to the community.

Stay In & Dine Out. Service Delivers Your Favorite Restaurant’s Food Right to Your Door:

By: Shea Nolan


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