Free App provides a Visual and Audio Tour of the Suwanee SculpTour exhibit

Download “Otocast,” a free app that can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play, to experience an immersive, visual and audio tour of Suwanee’s SculpTour exhibit. The app lays out pins on a map that will direct the user to the exact location of each sculpture. When the pins are selected, a written description of the piece pops up along with photos and the artists’ recording about the sculpture.

Otocast encourages users to “see, hear and explore” by providing a platform for mobile, audio guides. Otocast reached out to the City of Suwanee asking to include the famed SculpTour in their app, at no cost. The Otocast app currently has over 1,900 points of interest including public art, historic sites, murals, landmarks and architecture, encouraging people to engage with their surroundings and their communities. It’s like having a personal tour guide with you at all times.


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