Get Fit Challenge: Where are they now?

The 2018 Get Fit Challenge contestants give us an update on their fitness journeys

By: Alicia Carter

This time last year we put out a call to the community looking for people who wanted to get fit.  Many of you applied, but in the end, we narrowed it down to six contestants. We challenged them to a three-month commitment to take control of their health while supplying them the tools and resources to be successful, including a free membership to a local gym, mentorship from a trainer, and group workshops that included nutrition, education, and exercise.  The support of the community was overwhelming, and we are so proud of the hard work of each of the contestants.

During the 2018 Get Fit Challenge, the contestants lost a combined total of 117 pounds and 17 inches. As we approach the end of the year, we reached out to the contestants to find out if they stuck with their new healthy routines and what they’ve been up to in the months following the challenge.


Reigning Champ:

Nine months after the Get Fit Challenge began, I am down 41 pounds of total weight, having lost approximately 50 pounds of fat and gained significant muscle.

I am nearing my initial goal of 50 total pounds and doing it the RIGHT way! Since the end of the Challenge, I have continued to workout at Crux Fitness several times per week.  I experimented with my diet, adding back in some carbohydrates after primarily doing a Keto Diet. I have found that some things work for me and some do not.

When I signed up for this Challenge, a motivating factor was that my work had taken priority over all other aspects of life, and I needed to adjust my priorities. I have recently started a new demanding career endeavor. Once again, I am finding work competing with exercise. However, this time around, I am equipped with a new mentality and new focus, putting my health and fitness as a top priority.


2nd Place:

I’m still working out at Alloy Personal Training for Women two times a week now.  Anthony is the best trainer/coach/ accountability person I could have ever been matched to work with.  I’ve managed to keep the weight I lost during the Get Fit Challenge off for the most part! I look forward to working out and I do feel so much better. My nutrition has improved overall but I still need to work on being healthy every day. Old habits are hard to break! I don’t let one day define my entire journey that got me to this point. I didn’t become unhealthy overnight and I should not expect to remain healthy if I don’t work at it!

I’m coming up on my three-year anniversary of being a cancer survivor and I’m so happy to have survivor and THRIVER added to that title. The Get Fit Challenge was the jump-start I needed to take back my health!



Since the Suwanee Get Fit Challenge, I have officially become a member of the Crux Fitness family. It was a no-brainer for me because I feel so comfortable with the trainers, other members, and oddly enough even the workouts.  Since the challenge, I have managed to get my weight back down to my prepregnancy size and I’m so proud of myself. Never would I have thought I would lose my baby weight before my son’s second birthday. 

This challenge truly was life-changing for me! I completed my very first Rugged Maniac 5K. It was difficult but I completed it! Honestly, it doesn’t stop here. I enjoy getting into the gym as often as I can, and this has become a lifestyle for me. I have set a new goal for myself to be in the best shape I can be by my next milestone birthday. I have eight months to go! 



I’m down just under 40 pounds since the start of the Get Fit Challenge on  January 2. I feel like I am losing at a turtle’s pace, but that averages to about a pound a week loss, and just like the turtle in the famous story, I will finish my race! I’ve continued my relationship with Alloy but I am not currently working out there. I was a member at another gym prior to the Challenge and I have been going there. I also have been walking a lot with my husband and dog. Food wise, I joined Weight Watchers and have been learning to eat better.

I turn 50 in November and even though I will not be where I wanted to be, I’m in such a better place physically and mentally than I was a year ago. If you’re thinking of applying for the next Get Fit Challenge, I say go for it! You will not regret it!



After the Get Fit Challenge was over, I was able to maintain fairly easily. I hadn’t felt that good in years. However, recently I started slipping into some of my old habits and have gained some of the weight back.  I didn’t continue to go to Stage 3 Fitness because I had another gym membership. However, the other gym didn’t offer the classes that worked so well for me at Stage 3, and I just didn’t go as often. I started back at Stage 3 in October along with my wife. Working out together is even more motivating. When the challenge ended, I didn’t think it would be difficult for me to stay on track, but I’ve come to realize that my focus has to stay on point.

What worked to help me lose the weight needs to continue in order for me to maintain and get down to where I need to be. I’m thankful for the Get Fit Challenge and for this check-in, though I wish I had lost instead of gained. Onward and downward!



I am still working out at Stage 3 Fitness and loving it! Angie and her team are amazing at what they do and I’m so happy to be thriving 10 months later. I am getting stronger and more fit every day. I have maintained my weight loss and even lost an additional three pounds and inches. My stepson just got married and I was able to fit into an amazing dress and feel really pretty.

I’m so grateful that I was chosen to do the challenge. My life has been put on track. Working out and eating healthy has become a part of my life not just a thing to do to lose weight and then go back to bad habits. I highly recommend anyone thinking of entering the challenge that they do it. You won’t be sorry and I would do it again in a minute!



Following the success of the 2018 competition, we’re bringing back the Get Fit Challenge for 2019! Beginning January 2nd, we will pair six Get Fit Challenge contestants with a local gym where they will receive a free three-month membership. During that time, contestants will work out with fitness experts, learn how to implement healthier food choices, and develop the goals and a plan catered to each individual. Suwanee Magazine and our readers will monitor your progress and cheer you on throughout. At the end of the challenge, we will announce the results in our May/June issue and online at

Enter online at by filling out an entry form with your information, a current photo, as well as why you want to compete in the challenge. The deadline to enter is Nov. 19.


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