‘I’m learning things I had never considered before’

This week, I was excited to be down 16 pounds already! However, my excitement was short-lived when they tested my BMI on the body composition machine. My fat content had changed barely three-tenths of a point. Angie, my trainer, took me to the woodshed, and with her face blushed and contorted, reminded me that the idea is to lose fat, not just weight! I was shocked and disappointed that the BMI showed I was still as fat as ever, but the great thing about the challenge is that I’m learning things I had never considered before. My lack of knowledge is probably why my weight has yo-yo’d for so many years.

Since starting the challenge, I had cut back on my eating without worrying too much about the macro percentages: fat, carbs and protein. I’m not a very tech-savvy person, so I hadn’t started using My Fitness Pal, either. Sue, my Get Fit partner, along with another member at Stage 3 Fitness, felt sorry for this old dog and taught me some new tricks. In addition, our health and wellness coach, Stephanie Wolfe, got me started drinking protein shakes, along with offering a lot of other helpful instruction. I’ve been logging my food on My Fitness Pal the last few days and have been amazed at what I’ve learned by simply using the app. I’ve really had to focus on adding protein and watch my carb in-take. For years, my wife has tried to get me to consider all of these things, but I turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. Funny how hearing it from the “professionals” made a difference.  She doesn’t care who I’m learning it from as long as I’m becoming healthier. I’m looking forward to the next BMI measurement to see how these improvements impact my results.