‘It isn’t the end of my journey’

It may be the end of the Suwanee Magazine Get Fit Challenge, but it isn’t the end of my journey! I am so grateful to Suwanee Magazine for giving me this opportunity to get started on my path to returning to being fit and healthier. I also am grateful to Alloy Personal Training for Women for being a major sponsor and allowing me to join them for three months. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t been chosen to participate I would still be sitting on my couch. I said in my interview that I haven’t been good at doing this weight loss journey on my own. That’s why I am not continuing on my own now that the Challenge is over. I am going to keep working out at Alloy.

When I walked in to Alloy for my first workout on January 2, I wasn’t sure what I would be able to do. My right hip hurt every time I took a step and my core was weak and sore since I was still recovering from a recent abdominal hysterectomy. Coaches Anthony and Caroline were so great with me. They eased me into the exercises to make sure that my hip and belly were kept safe and not hurt further. I got frustrated at times since I felt that I should be doing more, but they knew exactly what they were doing. I not only avoided further injury, but my hip pain is gone and my core is stronger!

My journey will also include increasing my cardio. I would love to get back into running and maybe do some more sprint triathlons, 5ks, 10ks (my favorite distance), and maybe even another half marathon. I did my first half marathon two days before my 40th birthday, should I do another one before my 50th? It would be amazing if I could get back on a soccer field too but one of the last times I played I broke my elbow. We will see about soccer….

I still need to improve my eating and drinking. I need to be more consistent with water (how come some days I can drink almost a gallon of water and other days I have trouble getting in even 16 ounces?). And I know it would benefit me to finally kick the diet coke/coke habit/addiction, but boy do I love that bubbly refreshment! Although I have done better with my eating, I need to get more consistent there too. But I love to eat! And unfortunately, the food I especially love is not conducive to shedding pounds.

And I can’t forget the mental part of this journey! I think learning how to train my mind to think more positively and to find ways to stop the “stinkin’ thinkin’” was every bit as important as the learning how to strength train and eat wisely. I am excited to continue my growth in this area.

As my blog entries come to an end, I want to thank everyone for the amazing support and encouragement provided to me along the way. This has been an amazing experience.