Jennifer L. McCoy, DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Dr. Jennifer McCoy Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

KL1_3981By: Rachel Pillow

Brushing & flossing everyday will not keep the doctor away!
Sitting down with Jennifer L. McCoy, DDS at her beautiful, new Cosmetic & Family Dentistry office in Suwanee Town Center Park felt natural – like easing into a conversation with an old friend…

Many people think that caring for their own teeth at home is all they need, but a conversation with Dr. Jennifer McCoy, DDS, proved us otherwise. Dentists have the ability to see microscopic issues before they even become a toothache – which is often an indicator of a larger concern. Your mouth and saliva are part of your blood flow, so an oral infection can become systemic – affecting a number of vital organs and tissues. But, embarrassment of not having been for a while, fear and anxiety, financial concern, or a simple lack of understanding – are some of the main reasons people put off visiting the dentist.
Dr. McCoy and her team pride themselves on offering the latest and best solutions for oral health with the most high tech dental equipment on the market. Ultimately, it is about the patient’s comfort and “having the tools that help explain and validate their treatment plans,” she said. They help patients find the most affordable options while also explaining which treatment plans are vital to their immediate health and which could potentially wait or would be considered cosmetic. “We accept and file all insurance and will even call and ask your provider for you,” she said – adding that they are often pleasantly surprised that the price difference for in-network vs. out-of-network is minimal.
Dr. Jennifer McCoy Cosmetic & Family Dentistry“Patient relationships really are the most important thing,” Dr. McCoy said. “You want to have a relationship with your dentist and have that trust,” she continued. In the same regard, she is candidly aware that while she might have an instantaneous connection with many patients, others might establish that bond with fellow dentists in her field. “I just want to make sure they are as comfortable and as healthy as possible,” she explained.
Dr. McCoy opened her own practice in Suwanee just one year ago, but has been serving the surrounding community for over eight. In 2007, she began her dental career in the offices of Dr. C. S. Graham & Associates a 30-year standing, reputable practice in downtown Lawrenceville. Over the years, Dr. McCoy’s commitment to good dentistry, the fundamental relationships she built with her patients, and her passion for ongoing education – made the decision an easy one when it came time for Dr. Graham to retire. In May of 2014, Dr. Graham handed the keys over to Dr. McCoy – knowing that a lifetime of hard work would live on in her well-equipped and caring hands. Many of her patients have been visiting her since she started in 2007 or were with Dr. Graham from the beginning – bringing their entire families into the practice for thirty years! “And now with Suwanee and Lawrenceville offices they are able to serve even more people in the area – wherever is most convenient for them.
With a passion for cosmetic and restorative dentistry, the addition of Invisalign, Juvederm and Botox certification, proved to be a natural extension of Dr. McCoy’s core services. Dentists are actually the most qualified people to do Botox and Juvederm, she explained. They give numbing injections everyday and are artistically trained on facial anatomy. Dr. McCoy understands and knows her patients oral health history, unique circumstances, jaw structure and facial alignment – and by offering a complete package of dental services and cosmetic fillers – is able to give people their healthiest, happiest and most beautiful smiles possible!


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