Meyrick Murphy Takes the Big Screen

Meyrick Murphy, a 10-year old from Cumming, GA was anxiously waiting for the April 21st release of the independent film, “Chasing Ghosts.” Unlike other children her age who line up to see their favorite actors and actresses grace the big screen, she was waiting to see herself on the big screen; however, this was not her first time.

Meyrick Murphy, is an aspiring actress who discovered her passion for the spotlight in first grade. She began her career by acting in school plays and knew it was a path she wanted to pursue.

Now, at age 10, Murphy’s resume already lists numerous projects that any seasoned actor would be thrilled to have. Local viewers of the AMC Networks mega-hit “The Walking Dead” might be familiar with a young character named Megan who first appeared in Season 6, episode 4 “Live Bait.” She delivered a performance over a series of three episodes that left critics raving.

With her most recent project “Chasing Ghosts” being widely made available for DVD and Digital Download, there is no doubt that this young talent will continue on her path to become a household name.


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