Millennials, Gen Y and Xers

Attention all Business-Minded Young Professionals!
BY: Ed Szczesniak, SBA Vice President / Owner Georgian Landscape Design

Networking in the “traditional sense” may seem old fashioned. Face-to-face is still one of the best ways to build relationships at any age. The Suwanee Business Alliance has a monthly business opportunity for you to spend “Quality Time” getting to meet, getting to know and getting one-on-one time with real business owners. These are the people who make the decisions – the people who really do the hiring, the people who are connected to hundreds of other business owners in Atlanta. Your next tweet, Instagram or Facebook post might just be about something great that started with us!

› What might happen if you had an opportunity to exchange ideas in a casual atmosphere with the owners of 197 businesses in the area? Could that conversation make all the difference in your life?
› What if you could get to know the lady who owns a recruiting firm – I don’t mean just meet her – I mean really get to know her? Would that lead to a career-changing event in your life?
› What if you could spend an hour with the head of a local CPA firm that has 200 business contacts in the area? Could he introduce you to the person who offers you the best opportunity you could ever imagine?
Maybe you don’t need a job… right now – maybe you need a new car, some legal advice, a CPA or your first mortgage, or maybe you’ll need one in the “not so distant” future. Wouldn’t it be nice to know one of these folks – personally – before you need to go online searching for help?



Well, that opportunity is sitting right in front of you in Suwanee, GA., one of the top 10 cities in the USA to live, work and play. All you have to do is grab it. It won’t cost you a thing to check us out. Visit our next meeting and you’ll likely have a free beer or glass of wine, some great munchies – and meet very friendly and motivated business owners.

At any of our monthly gatherings you’re likely to find bankers, doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, advertising executives, mortgage brokers, dentists, restaurant owners, the Mayor, retail store owners, the Chief of Police, and hospital executives. Your professional network will become rich with contacts you can make at the SBA, with people you never knew you needed, until you need them!
If you’re interested in taking a peek into your possible future, come meet us at one of our events. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month at different places around Suwanee. To find out more about us – and where your future may be, come visit us at Come alone, or bring a friend – your futures will be brighter!


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