Navy Veteran Opens High Intensity Resistance Training Gym

Navy Veteran Opens High Intensity Resistance Training Gym

Dan LeBlanc is a U.S. Navy Veteran who is no stranger to physical fitness. Now a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, LeBlanc hopes to restore the fitness industry back to its roots of hard work, raise the standards of gyms nationwide, and provide everyone with results that are simply unmatched. This is why he opened Crux Fitness on Moore Road. His classes began on June 12th, 2017 and the gym offers group training, one-on-one training, nutrition counseling, pre and post workout supplementation, as well as weekly and monthly community events.

“Crux was founded on what every other gym does wrong. Most gyms only focus on physical movements, Crux is different because we go “beyond physical,” said LeBlanc. “We utilize a system, High Intensity Resistance Training, (H.I.R.T), unique to Crux, that combines explosive movements with free weights, in a way that gives members muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance, all at once.”

The gym offers 11 classes a day, starting at 5am, and the last class starting at 7pm, and is open to members who want to workout on their own between those hours as well. Crux keeps their classes small in order to allow each trainer to give the members the specific attention that they need to remain safe, maintain the correct form/technique, as well as push their members outside their comfort zone. LeBlanc’s philosophy is different than most in that he wants to help each member realize what they are capable of by helping them adopt a brand-new mentality. He truly embodies the Crux motto of “Beyond Physical” and strives to help create that change in everyone who comes to Crux Fitness.


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