New Public Orchard Built at White Street Park

Suwanee Orchard

The Orchard will soon be open to the community, offering dozens of different fruit varieties, an engaging natural playground, an educational resource for Orchard fruit management, and a park space for relaxation, reflection, and activity. The orchard will also serve as the perfect complement to Harvest Farm, Suwanee’s award-winning community garden, which is also located at White Street Park.

As a Suwanee resident, Landscape Architect, and Orchard enthusiast, Roger Grant volunteered to develop formal plans for this Orchard with support from his wife, Brittany, and employer, Columbia Engineering. Over the last several years, he worked closely with the City to refine the concept and construction plans, and establish an appropriate budget for improvements. “The orchard was designed to incorporate fruiting plants, winding paths, lawns, and natural play features. It will be a unique and exceptional space for discovery and exploration and offer hands-on learning opportunities,” said Harvest Farm board member and orchard landscape architect, Roger Grant. “With your help, we will make a lasting impact in the lives of our neighbors and families by creating a special and unique space for all of Suwanee.”

“We’re excited to keep building on the success and momentum of the garden by expanding into White Street Park with this orchard,” said Grant, “We know it is a lot to bite off, but this is Suwanee.”

While the space itself is already open to the public, the orchard will continue to be planted over the next few months, largely by community volunteers. Visit for more information about the Orchard at White Street Park, volunteering, or making a donation.


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