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If you are on a quest to find a trusted and experienced landscaper this summer, look no further. Locally owned and operated, RLB Landscape Group’s Robbie Blankenship kicked off his landscaping interest at the young age of 13. With hard work and the curiosity for the potential of a business in this industry, his hobby turned into a means to earn extra income, which has now evolved into a successful company staffed with 15 full-time technicians.

By: Natalie Stubbs | Photos by Walt Wooden 

Established for 18 years without any advertising (until joining Suwanee Magazine in early 2018), RLB Landscape Group’s reputation speaks for itself. They pride themselves on treating each yard like it’s their own, which is proven through their wordof-mouth and referral-based clientele. When you initially reach out, someone on their team will be in contact within 24 hours to schedule a meeting at your home. One of the technicians will then visit your property and perform a walk-through to discuss all of your ideas and needs so that a personalized quote can be developed following the meeting


With the priority of building relationships and connecting with clients, Robbie and his team go out of their way to keep the customers’ best interests in mind. His philosophy: “We don’t plant for today, we plant for tomorrow.” They look ahead 3-5 years and decide what needs to be done today to allow room for appropriate growth and ensure the materials they’re installing are a right fit for the location, now and in the future. If the plan on paper won’t work on the ground, they will involve the client on the decisions of reworking the plan. If a tree is destined to grow 20 feet, but the customer prefers the current height, they’ll make them aware of the additional maintenance the tree will require moving forward. This transparency has led to gaining trust in the beginning, which they have found makes a significant difference in the long-run.

But, caring for their customers certainly doesn’t stop there. RLB Landscape Group has always worked hard at upholding a status of good standings and rapport with their vendors so they have the privilege of incurring lower costs, which they pass along to their clients. Robbie also shares the imperativeness of investing in proper insurance: “We are fully insured – it’s very important to us. It protects us and the client. The homeowner becomes liable for anyone working on their property if they are not insured. That’s a factor that people often don’t think about.”

Robbie and his team not only want to serve you seasonally; they’re committed to year-round maintenance. They create ways for you to bundle and save so that they can maintain all of your lawn needs and monitor exactly what services are being completed and what products are being used. Despite the cost, RLB Landscape Group always uses quality-assured products and wants to ensure your lawn is consistently benefitting. Their fertilization technicians are also all licensed, providing you and your lawn the best possible care.

RLB Landscape Group maintains the turf, fertilization and flowers for clients year-round so that their yards remain attractive and properly treated.

Each customer has a designated maintenance day so you always know what to expect, but year-round maintenance also comes with the advantage of flexibility. Robbie and his team are able to adjust schedules as needed to accommodate you and your lifestyle, or special plans (like hosting a party) that might affect your needs. This also guarantees that Robbie can keep his staff employed full-time, another privilege not all landscaping companies have.

As the future and fate of RLB Landscape Group has emerged, Robbie’s wife, Carrie, has become an integral part of the process. In addition to serving as a strong support system for her husband and his team, she’s behind the scenes handling all of the administrative and bookkeeping business on the backend. She speaks humbly and highly of their team: “Robbie and his guys go above and beyond. They won’t finish a job until it’s done right and will fix any problems that may arise right away. Robbie coordinates and oversees the jobs, but isn’t afraid to pick up a shovel and work directly alongside his guys, which has really made them feel like a family. We are very fortunate.”

One of Robbie’s favorite aspects of owning and operating a landscaping company is the challenge of a blank canvas at each property: “The jobs are rewarding and meaningful. We always learn from our mistakes and carry that with us to each new challenge. People are also using their homes for entertaining now more than ever. Landscaping used to just be sods, trees and shrubs – now it’s hardscape, outdoor living areas (like kitchens & fire pits), retaining walls, lighting – it’s totally evolved.” To stay up-to-date on this evolving market, Robbie attends trade shows to discover new trends. His attitude of being open and ready for change provides him with the adaptability to incorporate these new trends and stay a step ahead. “Keep up or get left behind,” he jokes.

Whether you’re interested in lawn maintenance for your personal or commercial property, RLB Landscape Group takes pride in serving as a resource and is ready to build more connections in the community. They service locally in Suwanee, Buford, Sugar Hill and Hamilton Mill, as well as extending to Decatur, Brookhaven, Woodstock, Braselton and Gaineseville. Considering Robbie still sees landscapes he began working on at age 13, you can trust he and his team will be by your side for the long-haul! 


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