‘It’s the small victories that keep me coming back for more’

From the very first day I met Crux Fitness trainer Dan, I gave him a few of my ailments (i.e., lower back and knee injury) dating back years ago. In my mind, I already had a list of exercises I “couldn’t” do or perhaps was afraid to do, so I came into this competition with my guard up and headstrong that I would avoid certain exercises. Well little did I know there was no such thing! There certainly are modifications to every exercise but NOT doing the exercise was not an option. At the very top of this list are good ol’ burpees! I’ve learned the hard way that if your core is not engaged properly you can most certainly injure your back which was exactly what happened a few years ago. So I’ve always had this underlying fear of burpees coupled with the fact that by nature they are challenging, period! I absolutely despise burpees! Burpees schmurpees! Get the picture?! 🙂

It’s safe to say there is at least one burpee exercise every week so you would think by now I’d get used to them. Definitely not the case. I will say that I have grown to have a love-hate relationship with them. I don’t enjoy them but I have acquired the stamina it takes to complete my reps (or at least come close). I will admit, there were times when I wanted to give up but there was always a trainer right there to help me PUSH through. One trainer (hey, Casey!) even got down on the ground with me and completed a set of DOUBLE burpees with me because she saw I was struggling. If that isn’t hands-on support, then I don’t know what is, but I was so appreciative of that!

I often admitted to Dan that I was afraid to do an exercise eventually realizing it’s my lack of confidence in my body but I’m constantly proving myself wrong. I may have even crushed an exercise once or twice! Toots horn! It’s the small victories, pushing past my fear and gaining confidence, that keep me wanting more and coming back for more! Thank you Crux for the constant support and push to be the best me I can be! So grateful for the Crux family!