Suwanee Sculp Tour

The Herd invades Suwanee!

Phil Proctor, Artist

The Herd, by artist Phil Proctor, features a collection of eight steel-fabricated goats, each weighing about 100 pounds and standing three feet tall. The sculptures are displayed in downtown Suwanee as part of the fourth annual Suwanee SculpTour. Proctor’s Herd symbolizes the idea of awareness. One particular goat in the group lifts his head in observance and appreciation of his surroundings. As his head is raised, he notices that the other goats are facing toward the ground, secluding themselves from experiencing the beauty around them. The Herd serves as a reminder to continue looking up and stay focused on the importance of life, even when getting caught up in the midst of everyday tasks, work or worry blurs our outlook on life.

The Herd is available for purchase! If you are interested, please contact Toni Shrewsbury at the City of Suwanee.

Phil Proctor has permanent sculptures placed across the southeast as well as in countries across Western Europe. Originally from Mississippi, Proctor has degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi and East Carolina University. He has been producing art in his Atlanta studio for the past 10 years. One of Proctor’s works, “Iron Canopy,” is part of a permanent collection of sculptures in the City of Suwanee.


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