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Best Wings in Suwanee

Best Wings in Suwanee

Last year we took on the challenge of finding the best tacos and margaritas in Suwanee, but this year we decided to spice things up and tasked ourselves with finding Suwanee’s best chicken wing. By: Lizzy Kidney | Photos by Karl Lamb THE CONTEST: Suwanee Magazine invited local restaurants with chicken wings on their menu

Restaurant Spotlight on: Friends American Grill

Friends American Grill serves up food and fun in the neighborhood BY: Tana Christian Suggs As the old song says…“you gotta have friends,” and I’m not talking about the mega-hit television show featuring the cast of six twenty-somethings who were always there for each other. I’m talking about the local, fun-filled, neighborhood grill and bar of the same name –

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