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Power of Logos

The Power of Logos

The Power of Logos

Veugeler Design Group offers three reasons why a quality logo is important to your overall brand. By: Madison Coats First impressions are everything. From a first date to a job interview, the initial impression you make is a major part of what defines the experience. The same can be said for brands and their logo.

Considering a Rebrand?

Every once in a while it’s time for a company to re-evaluate its branding and consider giving it a good face-lift. It could be a simple brand refresh such as changing the logo from all-caps to title-case, or more complex such as a complete redesign. No matter the solution for an updated look, it’s very

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5 Web Design Trends Making an Impact in 2018

The landscape of the digital world is always changing. New advancements in technology continue to roll out, shifting the direction of web design at the drop of a dime. What was hot last year may be old-fashioned by the time the new year comes around. By: Alicia Carter Businesses not only have to adjust their

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