Winning Snap Suwanee Photos on Exhibit at City Hall

Suwanee appears fun, outdoorsy, artsy, and snowy in the dozen winning photographs that comprise the 2015 Snap Suwanee exhibit currently on display at City Hall, 330 Town Center Avenue.

Sixty entries were received for this year’s annual community photo competition. The winning photographs will be on display until February 2016.

“Snap Suwanee has become one of the City’s favorite community engagement projects,” says Public Information Officer Lynne DeWilde. “It’s always fun to see what strikes our photographers as noteworthy from year to year. This year’s winning photos capture moments one doesn’t see every day in Suwanee – from a hot air balloon in Town Center to snow to a paddleboarder on the Chattahoochee. They also capture those moments that are more ubiquitous, including folks interacting with public art and utilizing Suwanee parks as backdrops.”

The winning photos and photographers:

 ‘A Beautiful Fractal’ – Diana Duffield

‘Christmas at Town Center’ – Sean & Zane Tackett

‘Four Ladies in Hats at the Lake’ – Carla Hoff

‘Heal the Past. Live the Present. Dream the Future.’ – Terri Lynn Bealle

‘Inspired’ – Lesa Kelley Osborn

‘Little Smokie – Pig in the Park’ – Connie White

‘Never Forget!’ – Sharron Callahan

‘Paddleboarder on the Chattahoochee’ – Kelly Haggard Olson

‘Past Meets Future: International Space Station

over Historic Suwanee’ – Kristen Fredriksen

‘Magical Moments’ – Dallas Gillespie

‘A Walk in the Woods’ – Steve White

‘Winter in Old Town’ – Sandy Weaver


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