Letter From The Editor: A Resolution-Free 2016


By: Rachel Pillow

Managing Editor 

Every January 1st, as I raise a glass of champagne to the New Year, I make loads of promises to myself like: this is the year I will…. get in the best shape of my life, organize the garage, do even just 1 of the 200 projects on my forsaken Pinterest board, save more money, master time management and productivity and so on and so on! Then, by mid-January I’m already burnt out and disappointed that I didn’t become “superwoman” overnight. Sound familiar?

Reading Laura Lebovitz’ article, “Starting 2016 off Stress-Free” really resonated with me and made me realize that instead of making clear-cut resolutions or focusing on big, lofty goals, to just relax, take on 2016 one day at a time and be mindful. I remember my favorite college professor encouraging our senior class to do the same years ago. While many of us had our eyes set on graduation day and beyond, he urged us to be completely present, saying, “You will never again be this exact age, right here, doing exactly what you are doing now – so embrace it and be the best you possibly can be – because this precise moment will never happen again.”

Last year, when I ran the Georgia Fitness Suwanee Gateway Half Marathon, I remember it feeling exceptionally painful around mile 10, and even though my mind was set on that finish line, I decided to do everything in my power to enjoy the moment: I high-fived other runners going by, took notice of the scenery and the sound of the crunchy leaves beneath my feet, and thanked God for giving me healthy lungs and legs that could run. Of course, as with any goal, it did feel good to finish, but I’m glad that I made the entire race an experience rather than just my emotions at the finish line. If you are running the 2nd annual race on January 30th, then I encourage you to do the same – it’s worth it.

The January/February issue is our Health & Wellness issue and is chock-full of ways to improve your physical, financial, personal, emotional, and business health. While living in the present is important, it is also necessary to prepare for your future. And, thankfully, Suwanee is brimming with experts who are equipped to help us do just that! Just flip through the following pages for tips, advice, insight and resources from professionals in our area!

Raise a (healthy) glass of your drink-of choice (check out this article to learn how your favorite adult beverage is actually good for you) and lets toast to a stress-free, resolution-free and healthy 2016! Cheers! Contact Rachel at [email protected].


  1. Good article and good advice Rachel,to enjoy and treasure the moments. I join you in the toast for a stress-free, resolution-free and healthy .2016.


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