Brew Depot Home Wine Making Courses

BY: Rachel Fasig

Most people have heard of home brewing, but Bob Carlton at Brew Depot said that home wine makers have been around even longer than home beer brewers. Brew Depot has everything that a novice or expert home wine-maker would need to create his own unique blend, including: Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir wine kits.

Bob and his wife Debbie have been making wine for over twenty years and opened the Brew Depot store in hopes of sharing his passion for home brewing and wine making, after noticing that he and others were able to make wine that often exceeded commercially-produced bottles. And, his passion has paid off in unexpected ways.

“We have customers meeting other customers that have become life-long friends as a result of their common interest in home brewing beer and making wine. This is truly a unique business that we enjoy everyday.”

brew depot classIf you are new to the hobby of wine making, he encourages you to stop in the store, visit their website, check out one of Brew Depot’s classes and go by his mantra of: “Keep it simple, use quality products and think sanitization, sanitization, sanitization.”

Bob Carlton and the Brew Depot team will see you at the Suwanee Wine Festival with hopes of a quality event and, “providing attendees with an introduction to the hobby of home wine making.”

For some, the art of wine making ends up being much more than just a hobby. Several of Brew Depot’s customers have perfected the art of wine making and gone on to produce award-winning wines. Maybe we’ll see your blend at the 2014 Suwanee Wine Fest!

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