Building a Strong Foundation

Suwanee Spine

What could building construction possibly have to do with a healthy human body? The two concepts aren’t as far-fetched as you may think.

By: Dr. Lauren Millman

Many of you already know me as your local chiropractor. I practice a unique and lesser known healing modality known as upper cervical chiropractic with an emphasis on structural correction. We have proudly served the Suwanee area since 2012, and this year, we are beyond excited yet humbled to move into our new location off Buford Highway in April.

Understanding the Healing Process
Although quality and effective chiropractic care is undeniably foundational to any health equation, it’s certainly not the only component. The biggest challenge I face as a health and wellness practitioner is a lack of understanding by patients on just how the body functions and heals when sick or hurting. Without a basic understanding of the healing process, many people find their results to be incomplete or lacking in their health routine or feel as though something is missing without knowing what else they can do. Sometimes a simple change in perspective is all that is needed.

I often use the analogy of building a house when describing how to establish a healthy and resilient body. With our new location currently under construction, this analogy is all too appropriate for us these days. When you are building a house (or in our case, new office), it’s understood you have to pour the concrete first, then build the frame, followed by the drywall, long before you start painting and hanging pictures. In other words, you can’t start putting up drywall and hanging pictures if you’re still on a dirt floor. It makes sense to establish a solid foundation for the building first, just like building a healthy and resilient body starts with a balanced and aligned frame.

Empowering the Body to Heal on Its Own
When people are seeking resolution to a health challenge, I often find people may do the right healing modalities, but in the wrong order. Or, even worse, they are misinformed about the best foundational option available. I find the biggest challenge with conventional healthcare is that people are given recommendations to simply treat symptoms as opposed to empowering the body to heal on its own. If you attempt to treat only the symptoms, results are often short term.

What does that even mean, “doing the right things but in the wrong order?” It means getting healthy is most effective and permanent when you begin with the basics. It means we need to establish a strong and optimally functioning brain and body before we start enhancing the pieces and the parts. It means that your back pain may not be due to simply tight muscles or poor posture.

This is where chiropractic comes in to play. When your body is in alignment and balanced, it moves efficiently, brain function is enhanced, healing time is significantly reduced, and emotional and physical stress is reduced. In a balanced state, your body simply functions better. At our practice, we believe chiropractic is less about treating neck and back pain and much more about creating healthy bodies that are resilient, efficient and stronger. Sure, many people have sought us out because they were in pain or hurting, but we have never been focused on pain management. Pain reduction is a welcomed result of enhanced body functioning.

This is our definition of modern-day healing. We are changing the way people heal, because healthy changes everything.

Dr. Lauren Millman

Dr. Millman is the founder and upper cervical chiropractor of Suwanee Spine and Healing Center, recently voted best of Gwinnett. She is the author of The Ultimate Healing Handbook. For more information, visit


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