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5 Outdoor Ways to Get Active in Suwanee

5 Outdoor Ways to Get Active in Suwanee

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means most of us have set lofty goals for ourselves — “new year, new me” as the saying goes. We often plan to get healthy, lose weight, or commit to some other health- related “resolution.” Although we mean well, sometimes those big goals fall to the wayside

Blocking Blue Light

Suwanee’s Advanced Family Eye Care offers technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment alternatives to maximize one’s vision and eye health care. A current hot topic in eye care is blue light — blue-violet rays of the visual light spectrum that are present in sunlight and all back-lit devices, including computers, digital game and smartphone screens, tablets

Suwanee Winter Farmers Market

Fresh food lovers can rejoice in knowing that Suwanee is extending the Suwanee Farmers Market through the winter months. The market is scheduled to run the second Saturday of every month from 9am to 11am through April 13th, 2019! Suwanee residents will be able to visit the farmers market and have the opportunity to enjoy

So Fresh, So Local

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op gives the community access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products. By: Alicia Carter Nora Lea was frustrated with the inconsistent quality and price of organic produce in the local supermarkets, so she decided to do something about it. She reached out to a company that delivered organic produce

5 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Adopt an Angel Tree Child from the Salvation Army Through the Salvation Army Angel Tree program, donors can give joy to a child in need this holiday season. The program provides new clothing and toys for children of families in need. Found in local malls, companies, and churches, Angel Trees are decorated with numbered paper

A Place for Her

She was living in a nice retirement home in Gainesville for the past two years when we noticed a cry for help. She told us she had decided not to renew her lease and would need to move out by the end of the month. Hearing the trouble in her voice, my brother and I

Ask Henry

Q: Do I really need to brush my dog’s teeth? Are the dental chewables sufficient?  A: Yes! When a dog consumes a meal, the food material and contents of his/ her saliva mix, forming a film (plaque) on his/her teeth. If not removed within 24 hours, plaque continues to accumulate and forms a hard substance, known

Family Matters: Beat the “Back-to-School Blues”

Beat the “Back-to-School Blues” By: Laura Lebovitz | LMFT at Grow Counseling The fresh smell of new sharpened pencils, the sound of school bells ringing in the halls, reunions with friends you haven’t seen all summer, cracking open new binders for the first time… it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Wait, your kids aren’t

4 Ways to Raise a Confident Child

4 Ways to Raise a Confident Child By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise a confident child. That begins with understanding the process of a “sense of self.” Around the age of 2, kids begin to develop their own sense of self. They continue

Ask Henry

Q: My cat is urinating outside of his litter box. What should I do? A: Inappropriate urination is the #1 cause for cats being turned into shelters. Realize that there are several causes for this behavior. First, your cat needs to be spayed/neutered or “spraying” is expected to mark their territory. Next, bring your cat

Summer Ear Health

Summer is upon us and so are outdoor activities in the hot Georgia sun. While we’re all used to hearing the common, necessary precautions such as using sunscreen and staying hydrated, Dr. Matt Gill of Suwanee ENT shares tips to care for an often overlooked, yet highly sensitive body part: our ears. By: Dr. Matt Gill,

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