Creating Family Balance


By: Laura Lebovitz | LAMFT at Grow Counseling

The concept of balance is thrown around a lot, but we know that if you have a family, it can be difficult to get the basic things done… meeting each individual’s needs, coordinating hectic schedules, and completing major to-do lists. Navigating balance in the midst of chaos takes practice and constant realignment.

Here are some ideas for working towards balance in your family:

Be intentional about your schedule. It can be easy to keep saying yes to every activity or event that comes across your path. However too much “yes” can leave your family and you feeling overburdened and exhausted. It can even make it hard for you to enjoy the activities that you actually look forward to doing! Examine your schedule and weed out the activities that are the least fulfilling. A good way to start paring a schedule down is to take off activities that leave you and your family feeling more exhausted than recharged.

Delegate. Share the weekly responsibilities and chores with the whole family. It can make one person feel resentful if he or she gets stuck doing all of the housework. Plus there is more free time for fun if everyone helps out a little. Get younger children involved by assigning them age-appropriate chores like sweeping or picking up toys. For less enthusiastic helpers, try a reward system to help them feel more motivated to participate.

Watch for unnecessary distractions. What seems like a small break here and there can really add up to a big waste of time. Turn off the TV and video games. Have a break from social media until homework or housework is done. When you are done with everything you need to do, you will be able to enjoy all of the fun that much more!

Create a shared family calendar. We have all felt the panic that comes with forgetting an important activity. Eliminate last-minute stress by creating a shared calendar that includes everyone’s activities. Calendars help to create a clearer vision of the week and upcoming activities. You can choose a large paper calendar or even an electronic one, like Google Calendar, that can be seen on everyone’s devices.

Find down time… even if you have to schedule it! It is important for everyone to have a break focused just on relaxing and having some fun. Find time for your favorite fall activities like football, enjoying your favorite fall treat, or even just getting outside in the cooler weather. Don’t forget that the break will prevent burn out and set you up for success!


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