Exciting Summer Reads by Local Authors: Fantasy and Adventure Await!


Looking for something fresh and exciting to read this summer? Escape your day-to-day with novels written by talented local authors!

MB Mooney of Lawrenceville has penned Shield of the King (Elowen Book 1), a fantasy/sci-fi tale inspired by the author’s observation that our culture has become increasingly divided without much of an attempt to understand the other side.

The father of two daughters, Mooney hopes the book will inspire young women to work for peace and understanding now and in the future with their immense, unique talents and gifts. Elowen, the strong female character in the story, finds her own path through investigation, asking questions, and seeking to understand while being rooted in what is right and true.

“I wanted to place a teen heroine within a divided nation on the brink of civil war. She has personal connections to both sides, and she feels torn between them. Within that division, she must struggle with what is right and true, fight for those things, and find her own way in such a separated culture,” said Mooney.

For fans of adventure mysteries, Deep Steal – A Waterway Chronicle Adventure is just what you are looking for.  Author Matthew Gore, a long-time Suwanee resident now living with his wife somewhere aboard their beautiful fantail trawler, is a 30-year veteran video director and editor and sought-after storyteller. Matthew’s love for the sea and adventure shines through in his ocean-based action-adventure “Waterway Chronicle” books. The first in a series of gripping tales, Deep Steal readers will follow the exploits of Michael and Morgan Gannon, aboard their home, the 140-foot ship the Water Horse, that serves as the base for Water Horse Expeditions. With each page, Matthew takes you along with his cast of characters into a world of thrilling escapades and nautical mysteries that unfold against a backdrop of waves, guns, and gadgets upon the boundless oceans and waterways of the world.

Both titles are currently available on Amazon, and on each author’s website.

MBMooney.com, MatthewGoreBooks.com


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