Freeland Painting Celebrates 10 Years

Freeland Painting

Suwanee’s hometown commercial and residential painting company, Freeland Painting, celebrated 10 years in business this past March. And a celebration it was. The event took place at the new Tequila Mama Taqueria in the heart of Suwanee’s always hopping Town Center with more than 100 of their friends, customers and vendors. It was not only a celebration of their success but, more importantly it was also confirmation of the validity and strength of Freeland Painting’s core operational value, “Relationships matter more than the brush or the ladder.” It’s been this value that has enabled Freeland Painting to grow over the decade from five employees to the 25 they have today. Just as their core value allowed them to be successful and grow over this past decade, they’re confident they will have cause to celebrate again 10 years from now. Freeland Painting would like to thank all who made the last 10 years possible!


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