Here’s My Card


That tiny business card can have a HUGE impact…

BY: Shay Harbaugh, Junior Art Director, Veugeler Design Group

The other day I met a gentleman and when we started talking I asked what he did for a living. He said, “Here’s my card.” I was very impressed with the look and design of his business card and added it to my collection. Yes, collection! Some people collect baseball cards, I collect awesome business cards.

 Once I got home I started looking through my business card collection and it hit me: this small 3.5” x 2” card can have a very huge impact on a business and quite possibly be one of the most important investments you can make for your company. For instance, no matter where you go, a tradeshow, conference or even the grocery store, your business card is what people are going to remember you by. It is something tangible they will walk away with from their encounter with you. Not to mention, it’s representing your brand, your business, EVEN YOU! If you’re thinking, “Well there’s not much you can do on something that small.” On the contrary, you can. From paper choices to die-cuts to unique printing techniques such as spot UV, embossing and foil stamps, the possibilities for an awesome, creative and custom business card design are endless. It can sometimes actually be overwhelming with all the options. BUT, as graphic designers, it’s our job, not only to work on the design, to help you find the most effective and affordable solutions, based on your company’s needs and goals. Not every company needs rounded corners or a special die-cut, however, the overall design of your business card needs to speak to what type of business you have and the services you provide.

Even in our technology and social media-driven age, business cards continuously hold the test of time because of their individuality and personality. They are a great networking tool that can help benefit your business through their professionalism, effectiveness, or fun look and feel. It’s easier to exchange business cards, as opposed to reaching for your phone, inputting someone’ s contact information, and saving it to your contacts list. Not to mention, when you are looking down and typing it’s easy to become absorbed with your phone rather than the conversation in front of you.

So, put that phone away, hand someone your beautifully-designed card and engage in some real face-time connection.


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