Local Author Publishes New Book to Help Beat Cardiometabolic Diseases


Arteries in Harmony, a new book by Suwanee resident and cardiologist, Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis, aims to educate people on why healthier choices need to be implemented into our daily lives to fight obesity, diabetes, and cardiometabolic diseases including heart attacks and strokes. According to Dr. Anthony’s website, with adult obesity in the U.S. almost tripling over the last 50 years; more than two out of three adults are now obese or overweight. Type 2 diabetes has increased five times during the same period and statistics for obesity and diabetes in children are growing just as fast. Dr. Anthony hopes that Arteries in Harmony will be an important tool that helps readers understand the impact of life choices in order to prevent diseases and improve overall well-being. Arteries in Harmony is not just about losing weight and managing diabetes – the goal of the book is to help raise awareness and teach readers how not to become another statistic. Prevention of this epidemic is necessary to living a healthy and more fulfilling life. During his live events, Dr. Anthony captivates his audiences with everyday topics and turns the tables on what we know as traditional health care. Attendees leave feeling educated and empowered to take their health back into their hands, and help their family and friends make changes through his teachings.

To learn more, purchase the book or view upcoming events, visit ArteriesInHarmony.com.


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