Local Celeb Stylist Talks This Year’s Biggest Beauty Trends


BY: Rachel Fasig

What do Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Gisele Bundchen, Nicki Minaj, and supermodels Adriana Lima and Naomi Campbell all have in common…besides millions of dollars, amazing wardrobes and rockin’ bods?

Owner of Just B Hair Salon, Brayden Pelletier styling a client’s hair

They have all had their hair styled by Brayden Pelletier, Owner of Just B Hair Salon in Duluth and International REDKEN Artist, Instructor, and Facilitator at REDKEN’s award-winning, advanced salon academy in New York City.

Pelletier is at the forefront of education, technique and style in the beauty industry so when our readers expressed interest in new hair and beauty trends, who better to sit down with than our very own local celeb stylist? Fresh off of working at New York Fashion Week and the MTV Video Music Awards, Pelletier was teeming with insight to share.

But, do not let his impressive resume intimidate you. This his home and this is the community he has invested in. He embraces the diverse lifestyles of his Just B clientele, knowing well that they vary greatly from those of his celebrity clients.

Pelletier adapts to his surroundings quickly and seamlessly, primarily by getting to know and truly understand his clients, their goals, and what is important to them. “You can change the color of your hair, the length or the style. A major change for most people would be making an adjustment in just one of those categories,” he explained. “It’s about asking the right questions. Lifestyle is the most important thing to know about your clients, and how much time they want to spend on their hair everyday,” he continued.

Clients are taught how to customize the trends to suit them

Pelletier and the Just B stylists are mindful that a small  change in their eyes might be a huge change to a client who does not necessarily follow trends. But, most do ask for a celebrity influence or advice on the latest hair trends – to which Pelletier said, “Trend is what you want to make of it. Not everyone has to be “trendy” but everyone needs to be aware of what’s suitable. Suitability is bigger than trend in my opinion.” For example, fringe bangs are very popular right now. Some women will ask for bangs, but they might not realize, based on the shape of their face that it could actually make their forehead look larger. “It’s our job to customize. To ask ourselves, ‘What can we do to make the “trend” more suitable for them?’” he said.

As you read through Pelletier’s top spring and summer hair trends, just remember that customization is key. He urges you to find a style influence, take elements from that, and incorporate it in a way that works for you.

With a new blowout/styling menu, Just B clients now have a chance to try some of these new trends without committing to a long-term cut or color before they are ready. “Trend is what you want to make it,” Pelletier said. And, you don’t need to be a celebrity or supermodel to have fun and play with it.


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