Looking to Grow Old Gracefully?


Growing old is a part of life, but in our day and age we are learning that perhaps we really can age gracefully. We know getting plenty of rest, exercise and eating right can certainly help, but there are also some non-invasive treatments that can help us look and feel our best.

By nature, the body has the ability to heal and rejuvenate itself, but during the aging process, that ability slows down. The key is to tap into the energy that helps the body to revitalize and rejuvenate naturally.

Salon Greco, the European Day Spa in Suwanee is now offering a treatment that can do just that.
With the use of a highly specialized microcurrent machine, one of three specially trained staff at the salon can use six Bioelectric Energy signatures to the deliver energy to the cells and muscles that will oxygenate, erase deep and fine lines, tone, firm and lift. The treatment is called the Neurotris Facial Lift.

“Those six functions are what make the machine really impressive.” Cathie Fennell, owner of Salon Greco said. “And what makes this really special, we are reaching deeper muscles.”

The machine uses two probes that send current to the hard-to-reach cells and muscles giving them the much needed wake up call that rejuvenates them so they function again.
Norma Nieves, 71, a Norcross resident and client of Salon Greco, said she has always prided herself on looking her best, and when she noticed one of her eye lids starting to droop she began to feel self conscious. It eventually affected her social life, so she decided to try the treatments.

People noticed the positive change right away, and Neives said she has resumed her normal social schedule. Because the process increases cell energy, the best results come about 24 hours after treatment.

“It takes time once you increase that cell energy for the cells to start working at peak efficiency,” Fennell said. “…And it’s those cumulative effects we are actually trying to do – retrain the muscles and retrain the cells to stay recharged for longer periods of time.” Fennell added that’s why it’s important to start out with a series of treatments. The client usually determines the length of the series.

The treatment is generally pain free although some clients may feel some vibration, especially around the mouth of those clients with extensive dental work. And they may also experience a slight metallic taste from metal fillings as well. The treatment is not recommended for people with pacemakers or metal implants.

For more information about the Neurotris Facial Lift or other services offered at Salon Greco, visit the website at


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